Identita Golose 2011

Moreno Cedroni at Identita Golose

The schedule of Identità Golose 2011 gets everyday richer and full of happy moments, intuitions and thoughts which convinced us to take a further step forward. We joined a closed and felt partnership withWinelove, the quality and low budget wine event, conceived and overviewed by Ludovica Amat. The 8th edition of Winelove will be hosted on the same location welcoming Identità Golose starting 2009: Milano Convention Centre in via Gattamelata. We’ll set on two different floors: Winelove on the first one, Identità on the second, starting 24 hours one after the other. Amat Comunicazione will open its event on Saturday January 29th in the afternoon until Monday 31st, while we’ll decline ours from Sunday 30th to Tuesday February 1st.

Two different audiences, the first crowded with wine lovers, the other one focused on food and pastry but both kept together by the topic of theLuxury of Simplicity, that is the strong will to reach the inner substance of things, without wasting time on useless frills. We at Identitàaccepted Winelove invitation because it allows us to introduce moments of haute cuisine to an enlarged audience of fans, the same thing we did last year with the debut of “Risotto per Milano”, run by different restaurants in the city center, an event we’ll confirm and double. There will not only be risottos prepared into 5 different restaurants on Saturday the 29th, from Marchesino to Trussardi, from Park Hyatt to Peck’s Italian Bar and Peck itself. But also into via Gattamelata’s Winelove, with fundraising for charity in favour of Anlaids. It will be an al dente showcooking, with rice declined also as a dessert, an ideal preview of the Identità di riso day we’ll celebrate on Tuesday February 1st in the Sala Bianca.

Paolo Marchi and Massimo Bottura

The relation with Winelove is not the only good news in the past few weeks. Last year the Identità di pasta day was so successful that we’ll do it again this year into the Sala Blu on Sunday the 30th, with a stronger attention to the taste of pasta and sauces, after deepening 12 months ago the topic of different cooking techniques.

In order to build a successful event, it’s vital to build strong relations with sponsors and exhibitors. There are five above all, the main sponsors, Grana Padano, Acqua Panna S.PellegrinoBirra MorettiLavazza Mirafiore Fontanafredda but also Scholtès with her ovens and kitchens scattered around everywhere to give concrete examples of an edition focused on “The signs and gestures”. Signs and gestures into the furrow of “the Luxury of Simplicity”, an essentiality that encloses every moment in the life of a restaurant or pastry spots, from production to service, a theme we launched and exalted at Identità Golose 2010.

And the Luxury of Simplicity will characterize us again because reality has actually changed. It is true: there will be always , here and there in the planet, rich and little curious clients, happy with a certain “nineteenth-century” showy luxury, but the most concrete and topical good taste has taken completely different forms and shapes, more primary and natural, the outcome of chefs, pastry-chefs, producers, lovers who are ethically aware of the problems afflicting the world. We cannot be egoist any longer, we cannot eat this or that dish only because we like it. We have to respect the environment, we have to think about a future which will be also the result of our virtues or misdeeds.

Therefore “The luxury of simplicity: the signs and gestures”, a will to understand what remains unchanged, clear and defined with time in a recipe, those signs and gestures which characterize even the most creative among chefs. As there is no still and unchanged tradition so there is no 100 per cent new change. There is always movement in the first and something known in the second, it’s only that in the first case it’s too slow to be perceived by the majority of people and in the second it’s too fast, so much that it hides the elements of continuity. In Milan, we are going to search for these details.

The seventh edition of Identità Golose arrives after an incredibly rich 2010: Identità di Libertàin San Marino in March, the encore of Identità London and the week of Identità milanesi in Shanghai in June, the number four edition of the “Guida ai ristoranti d’autore di Italia, Europa e Mondo” presented at the end of September in Milan and, a couple of weeks later, the opening ofIdentità New York, in cooperation with Eataly, ten chefs and one pastry-chef to propose a contemporary Italian cuisine to a metropolis which doesn’t only want to eat well at the table but also to enjoy itself.

And now let’s go back thinking of Milan, to a program in which “The signs and gestures” will characterize the Auditorium on Sunday and Monday, letting the scene on Tuesday to the Guest Region and to Dossier Dessert, which for the first time will get out of that terrific laboratory of ideas and techniques of the Sala Bianca to face a broader audience. Three days and for new topics for Identità Golose’s second stage: on Sunday the 30th all about Nuova Pasticceria Italiana, new italian pastry for restaurants, on Monday in the name of Identità di Birra (beer treated as an ingredient for food and desserts) and Identità di Miele (honey, same philosophy as for beer) and, at last, Identità di Riso e Risotti, rice and risotto. And of course we won’t miss the third milestone of cucina italiana: Pizza…

Paolo Marchi
founder and curator



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