Dalla Slovenia con Amore / From Slovenia with Love in Milano

Group of all the chefs together with Andreja Lajh (Photo by: Bruno Gaberšek)

On January 30th has in the Westin Palace in Milano happened a special event. A group of some of the best Slovenian chefs and winemakers has in organisation of Carpe Diem Club and with support of Il Gusto/Gribaudo, Grandecucina, Cucina Gourmet and Westin Palace in Milano prepared an evening for all the friends and collegues, called “Dalla Slovenia con Amore”.

It was an evening full of delicious tastes – great plates, great wines and many wonderful people, many of them already friends. Many important chefs, journalists or food & beverage professionals.

The evening was great success. It was a demonstration that friendship and good will make everything possible. We plan to build such celebrations of enogastronomy and friendship also in the future. So keep following us to join us at the next one.

People behind the event: Andreja Lajh, Carla Icardi and Carlo Vischi (Photo by: Bruno Gaberšek)

Meeting of two great chefs: Alfonso Caputo and Janez Bratovž (Photo by: Bruno Gaberšek)

Tanja and Damir Pintarič (Rajh) serving the bograč gulash (Photo by: Bruno Gaberšek)

Two great winemakers from Brda: Aleš Kristančič and Stojan Ščurek (Photo by: Bruno Gaberšek)

Between our guests was also Inaki Aizpitarte, on the picture with our chef Janez Bratovž (photo by: Bruno Gaberšek)

Chef Jure Tomič offering his ričet with smoked tongue (photo by: Bruno Gaberšek)

Andreja Lajh with journalist Vincenzo Pagano and Enrico Zallot of Koppert Cress (photo by: Bruno Gaberšek)

Vesna Kristančič (Movia) offering wine to Alex Guzzi (photo by: Bruno Gaberšek)

Plates created by Uroš Fakuč (photo by: Bruno Gaberšek)

Dinner was served also by the chefs. On the photo Jure Tomič, Tanja Pintarič and Jeffrey Vella (photo by: Bruno Gaberšek)

Lidija Kupljen (Vino Kupljen) and Andreja Lajh (photo by: Bruno Gaberšek)

Creation by Janez Bratovž (photo by: Bruno Gaberšek)

Martina Simčič (Edi Simčič winery) serving wine (photo by: Bruno Gaberšek)

Lidija Kupljen and legendary Joško Sirk (photo by: Bruno Gaberšek)

Vasja Čotar serving wine to Moira Pringle (photo by: Bruno Gaberšek)

Delicious dessert by Tomaž Polenec (photo by: Bruno Gaberšek)

Carlo Vischi, Chiara Mojana and Andreja Lajh presenting the chefs (photo by: Bruno Gaberšek)

A big aplause to all the chefs (photo by: Bruno Gaberšek)

With us were:

CHEFS (in the alphabetical order):

Janez Bratovž (Restavracija JB)

Jure Tomič (Ošterija Debeluh)

Tanja and Damir Pintarič (Rajh)

Tomaž Polenec (Brioni)

Uroš Fakuč (Restavracija Dam)

and as guest from Croatia: Jeffrey J. Vella (Zinfandl’s)

WINEMAKERS (alphabetically):

Aleks and Martina Simčič (Edi Simčič)

Aleš and Vesna Kristančič (Movia)

Branko and Vasja Čotar (Čotar)

Lidija Kupljen (Vino Kupljen)

Stojan Ščurek (Ščurek)

A big thanks to all for participating. Thanks also to all journalists who are helping us to spread the news and to all the guests for enjoying the evening with us. A very big thank you to Carlo Vischi and Il Gusto/Gribaudo for all the support, thanks also to Carla Icardi (Grandecucina) and Chiara Mojana (Cucina Gourmet). And thanks to Bruno Gaberšek for the photos and for helping hand.

A huge thanks also to Westin Palace Milano. Wonderful hotel with great stuff which is very collaborative and always available.

Article in Italian by Marina Alaimohttps://carpediemclub.wordpress.com/2011/02/05/dalla-slovenia-con-amore-in-milano-by-marina-alaimo/

Article in Italian about Ščurek wines by Angelo Perettihttp://www.internetgourmet.it/2011/02/kontra-il-bianco-sloveno-di-stojan.html

Article in Italian by Anna Maria Simonini: http://www.thekitchentimes.it/?p=309 and photos by her: http://www.flickr.com/photos/76426840@N00/sets/72157625855226699/

Article in Italian about Kupljen wines by Angelo Peretti: http://www.internetgourmet.it/2011/02/renski-rizling-cerovec-2009-vino.html

Article in Italian about Kupljen wines by Marina Alaimo: http://www.lucianopignataro.it/a/renski-rizling-2009-vino-kupljen-–-jeruzalem/20836/

Article in Slovenian by Uroš Mencinger (published also in Nedelo): http://www.rad-dobrojem.si/index.php?key=mimart&id=145

Westin Palace Milano (Photo by Bruno Gaberšek)

Mattia Pariani, Andreja Lajh and Carlo Vischi (Photo by: Anna Maria Simonini)


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