The world’s sexiest, kinkiest and strangest hotels


The world's sexiest hotels

Ahead of Valentine’s Day, we present a selection of the sexiest and naughtiest hotels around the world.


Hotel Pelirocco, Brighton

Billed as “Brighton’s sauciest stopover”, the Hotel Pelirocco features 19 trendy but affordable rooms, each with a theme inspired by pop art, rock ‘n’ roll and burlesque.

Its flagship suite, “The Play Room” – described as “the ultimate dirty weekend room” – features an 8ft round bed, a pole dancing area (guests can pre-book lessons with the hotel) and a monsoon shower built for two.

The world's sexiest hotels

The hotel’s other rooms include “Betty’s Boudoir”, “Pussy”, and the “Nookii Room” (pictured). Imagine the look of delight on your wife’s face when she casts her eyes over this satin-draped bolthole, complete with strip show sign and Kinkybed™.

If you’re not sure what a Kinkybed™ is, check the official website.

The world's sexiest hotels

The hotel, on the Brighton seafront, contains some relatively sober options too. The kitsch “Pin Up Parlour”, dedicated to the late actress Diana Dors, will probably appeal to a wider market.

Rooms from £50-£260, see

The world's sexiest hotels

Propeller Island City Lodge, Berlin

If your better half turned their nose up at the “Nookii Room”, don’t even consider a night in the “Two Lions” room at Berlin’s Propeller Island City Lodge.

Two cages rest on stilts in the middle of the room, while a window allows guests in the neighbouring room to inspect the goings-on. Or simply close the curtains if you’re feeling prudish.

Most worryingly of all, the hotel’s website claims the room isn’t just for amorous couples, but families too. “In the cages kids love to sleep,” it says.

The world's sexiest hotels

Other bizarre rooms include “Freedom” (designed to resemble a prison cell), “Grandma’s” (which has a lavatory in the wardrobe), and “Gruft” (where guests sleep in coffins).

Rooms from €69-€190. See

The world's sexiest hotels

Pocono Palace, USA

Now you’re talking. Who wouldn’t be enticed by the idea of a bathing with their loved one in a giant Champagne glass?

Ok, it’s ever-so-slightly naff, but it beats sleeping in a metal cage or a coffin. This seven-foot installation graces “The Roman Towers” suite at Pennsylvania’s Pocono Palace resort.

The world's sexiest hotels

The suite also features floor-to-ceiling columns, a heart-shaped hot tub and a Richard Gere lookalike (circa Pretty Woman).


The world's sexiest hotels

The Palms Casino Resort, Las Vegas

For Lotharios with cash to burn, the Hugh Hefner Sky Villa at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas is the place to stay. Features include an 8ft rotating bed, a Playboy art collection (surely a contradiction in terms?), and a mirrored ceiling.

The world's sexiest hotels

Step outside and you’ll find a Playboy-branded swimming pool overlooking the Strip. It’s all yours for just $40,000 a night.

Alternatively, make do with an “Erotic Suite”. They all feature rotating beds and “Show Showers”, which contain metal poles and coloured disco lighting.


The world's sexiest hotels

Hotel Amour, Paris

Found in trendy and bohemian Montmartre, the Hotel Amour is a far more affordable option for a romantic escape. Rooms feature stylish furnishings, moody red lighting and erotic photographs.

Doubles from €155. See

The world's sexiest hotels

3.14, Cannes

Named after the mathematical constant pi (we’ve no idea why), the intimate 3.14 hotel is located in the heart of glamorous Cannes.

Its five suites are each themed around a different continent, including “Europe” (pictured), designed to represent Paris during the Belle Epoque. The room is scented with roses and cedarwood, which is supposed to transport guests “into the feverish lifestyle of the City of Light and the cabarets in Montmartre”.

The world's sexiest hotels

The “Africa” room features “voluptuously-shaped” brass light fittings, a scent of nutmeg, cinnamon and Damascus roses, and fine curtains that “drift in the breeze like an Oriental dancer”.

Rooms from €119. See

The world's sexiest hotels

The Hempel, London

The best room in this minimalists’ paradise is the suggestively-titled “Lioness’s Den”. Its centrepiece is a platform bed suspended from the ceiling by metal rods and surrounded by candles.

Rooms from £144. See

The world's sexiest hotels

The Crazy Bear

With outlets in Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire, the flamboyant Crazy Bear hotels are, according to Fiona Duncan, Telegraph Travel’s Hotel Guru, a combination of “the Moulin Rouge, Las Vegas, a Sixties bordello in Soho and the planet Mars”. Rooms are “the drug-fuelled fantasy of a rock chick or a Mafia boss. One expects to see bowls of cocaine and sofas draped with half-naked women”.

The world's sexiest hotels

Guest should expect plenty of “gold leaf, Persian pony skin, velvet, embossed leather, fur, white plastic studded with crystals and dripping chandeliers”.

Doubles from £215. See

The world's sexiest hotels

The Adam and Eve, Turkey

Described as “the sexiest hotel in the world” and “the best hotel in Turkey”, rooms at the Adam and Eve are highly stylised, and feature Jacuzzis, steam baths, variable LED lighting systems and mirrored walls.

The hotel also contains the longest bar in the world (pictured), at 175m.


The world's sexiest hotels

Liberty Inn, New York

New York’s Liberty Inn claims to be “Your Rendezvous for Romance”, although the images on its website do little to back up such lofty aspirations. The images on the right were taken in the “Romantic Interlude Room”, and that is supposed to be a two-person “Jacuzzi tub”.

As rooms can be rented for just two hours, we’re not sure that this place was designed with honeymooners in mind.

Rooms from $150. See

The world's sexiest hotels

Mile High Flights

Although not strictly speaking a hotel, Mile High Flights launched in 2007 offering Britons the chance to part with £640 for a VIP pass to the Mile High Club.

Lucky couples then head to romantic Staverton Airport in Gloucestershire, where their captain welcomes them on board his aircraft and provides chilled Champagne and strawberries.

“The fast climbing aircraft will be one mile high within five minutes of takeoff,” says the website. “At that time, you will have between 25 and 35 minutes of privacy to take in the views and of course…”

The world's sexiest hotels

Except, as this photograph demonstrates, when there’s just a flimsy blue curtain between you and the captain, it’s hardly privacy, is it?

Alas, last month Mile High Flights was grounded by the Civil Aviation Authority over fears that the pilot could become distracted and crash.

Mike Crisp, the company’s founder, said he is determined to get his specially-designed aircraft back in the sky. Check for updates.



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