New beer brand offers company shares with each carton sold

Rather than being crowdfunded in the manner of BeerBankroll or OurBrewBroo is a new Australian beer brand that is giving away shares in its new company with each purchase made.

Launched on Australia Day in January this year, Broo aims to be Australian through and through. Now, as part of a one-time offer that continues through the end of this month, it’s also aiming to give local buyers of its beer a stake in the company. Consumers need only purchase between one and 50 cartons of Broo online for AUD 54.99 each, and they’re entitled to 10 free shares in the company for every carton they purchase. As many as 10 million shares will be given away, according to the company’s prospectus. Available also at select Australian retailers, Broo is donating AUD 1 to flood relief from every carton sold.

For a brand that’s built on (still) made here appeal, channeling shares into local hands is a smart strategy for public relations, in particular. One for inspiration!





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