X Species supper club: A new model for eating our way through ecosystems

In a time of environmental concern, it is important to begin creating new ways of supporting an ecosystem approach to consumption. The X-Species Supper club is a non-traditional supper club that explores the depth and complexity of our interconnections with nonhumans, using the convivial nature of a dinner party to reveal the web that traces our gastronomical, economic and material interdependency with butterflies, worms, geese, bats and other intelligent and delicious creatures.

This supper club presents multiple courses of foods, delicious and nutritious to both humans and nonhumans, expertly paired with delectable cocktails. Each course corresponds to a certain ingredient linked to an environmental issue discussed at the dinner. Molecular gastronomy is used to transform these basic ingredients from other species diets (rarely used in human diets) into haute cuisine treats for diners. By consuming ingredients that feed other species, we eat across the ecosystem and support the plant life that most of these essential creatures need in order to live and which, inherently, maintains a healthy ecosystem for all.

Each supper begins with an informal workshop that educates participants on molecular gastronomy techniques they can use to re-create the dishes at home. Unique vessels are likewise designed for each supper club to help communicate the theme of the dinner. Invitations, menus and placements are printed on edible paper using soy inks to create a closed loop consumption experience in all mediums.

This on-going lifestyle experiment is presented by Natalie Jeremijenko, artist & activist; Mihir Desai, chef; Emilie Baltz design director & photographer; and other intelligent creatures to redesign your relationship to other organisms.

Source: http://www.psssst.net/


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