Let’s play a wine game!


Aromaster is a wine tasting educational tool and a friendly game, designed by professionals as a library of wine smells, combining 80 most common wine aromas, bouquet and faults found in sparkling, white, red and sweet wines across the globe.
By using Aromaster, you will gradually develop your wine tasting skills allowing you to identify grape varieties, winemaking techniques, the age of the wine as well as winemaking faults, when present.
A great wine aroma kit for wine professionals, sommeliers or simply for people who want to learn about wine aromas. The wine aroma wheel included in the Aromaster kit is a convenient booklet, which lists the world’s most famous grape varieties and points out their typical aromas in warm and cool growing conditions. The wheel is a perfect companion in wine tasting. it will assist you in the identification process of the bouquet and aromas hidden behind your wine’s complexity, by simply navigating through possible categories and scents.



One Response to “Let’s play a wine game!”
  1. arnofr says:

    This is indeed a great wine aroma set. I purchased my own wine aroma kit through their official website at http://www.aromaster.com/

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