The Sake Bomb

The Sake Bomb is a cleverly designed ceramic pouring vessel with four matching cups designed by designer Alexander Purcell. The ceramic bomb holds 8 fl oz (235ml) of the traditionally Japanese drink and comes with four small beakers, which perch neatly on the spines, making it a compact accessory for any tabletop.  It is manufactured in Los Angeles by traditional kiln methods and the slip cast ceramic keeps hot sake hot and cold sake cold.
Purcell, a Los Angeles based product designer says the inspiration is a juxtaposition of the Fugu Fish (Blowfish), the most opulent of sashimi cuts and a WW II sea mine. The name is a comical take on the western slang for the same moniker meaning to drop sake shots in pints of beer.
The Sake Bomb is currently available in Red – Black or white. (Blue & Orange available on demand)
To place an order please visit the E-Store
If you wish to order more than one item or if your country of destination is not listed, please contact directly at

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