Vinitaly 2011 celebrating also Italian sparkling wines

Vinitaly is near and with it are arriving some news:

World-wide success is that, despite the global economic crisis, progressive growth can be seen in exports of Italian sparkling wines. And to celebrate this excellence in Italian oenology at Vinitaly, a specific area will present all types – from classic to Charmat methods – exclusively for professional operators who will be able to taste products and learn about the terroirs with the best vocations.

Production areas and cellars, information about vinification methods and tastings coordinated by professional sommeliers will be available at the Vinitaly 2011. This is the new initiative at the 45th Vinitaly (Verona, 7/11 April, dedicated to “Bollicine d’Italia” – classic or Charmat method sparkling wines: from the most famous to niche wines.

An area will be set up between Halls 10 and 11 where the presentation of wines, cellars and terroirs will also involve IT systems exclusively for professional operators (from 114 countries at the last edition of the exhibition), who will thereby be guided around the proposals from the governing consortia and main production companies representing 18 regions and about 600 cellars where Italian bubbly is made: wines having the distinguishing feature of being an ideal match for many national and international dishes, from hors d’oeuvres through to desserts.

A successful wine heritage that is the result of passionate work and the awareness that Italian sparkling wines have unique characteristics ensuring that they can stand out and compete with great success on international markets, even in comparison with top-flight international products.

There are two production methods: classic or Charmat – and the latter represents more than 90% of the 380 million bottles produced in 2009. This output was itself a 10% increase compared to 2008, taking Italy to top place among world producers of sparkling wines ahead of France and Spain. Such growth was achieved in the wake of growing success on markets all over the world, with exports that in the first 10 months of 2010 came to more than 136 million litres compared to about 117 in the same period 2009, worth more than 331 million Euros, compared to about 298 in the same period of the previous year.

All photos: archive Vinitaly

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