Chocolate with real gold packed with Swarovski crystals

It’s not unusual for gold to be used in products for food and drink. The Chocolate is so special because the chocolate comes with 24 karat gold flakes and is wrapped with Swarovski crystals. A fusion of British artisan and Italian passion, the Chocolate has taken more than two years to perfect and then offer this pleasure of sensory experience.


Luxury truffles’ ingredients have been carefully selected, sourcing the finest chocolate in the world, Toscano Black 63% chocolate. This chocolate is produced by a small, artisan chocolate maker located just outside Pisa in Tuscany and has been recognised by the Academy of Chocolate as the best bean to bar cocoa in the world. The cocoa beans for this chocolate are refined using the traditional granite stone mill, thus creating a smoother tasting experience.

Each champagne truffle is enriched with edible pure 24 carat gold flakes, purchased in Europe. These flakes are added at the enrobing stage in order that they sit proudly, glistening for the discerning recipient.

All 15 truffles are hand crafted so no two will ever be the same. Contemporary boutique styled box was created, using recycled material. More than 400 Swarovski Crystals adorn each box inside and out, making it a classic collectors item. To maintain individuality each box is numbered with its own certificate.


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