Gusto in Scena goes international

Lugano – Palazzo dei Congressi – 13th and 14th March 2011

After its great success in Italy, Gusto in Scena takes its winning formula to Switzerland and, to meet the producers’ needs, becomes a two-day event


Marcello Coronini, founder and curator of Gusto in Scena

Gusto in Scena becomes European. The event, dreamt up and organised by journalist Marcello Coronini, will now offer its unique format at the Palazzo dei Congressi in Lugano. It will, in fact, represent the meeting together in a single location of three different worlds, expressed by “Chef in Concerto”, the convention of outstanding chefs; “I Magnifici Vini”, a selection of around a hundred wineries from around Europe; and “Seduzioni di Gola”, an array of gastronomic treats. Lugano represents an ideal point of contact between Italy and Switzerland; the latter country will have an opportunity to get to know Italy’s top chefs and the very best of its wines and food products, whilst chefs, restaurateurs and wine and food lovers from Italy will have a chance to discover the delights of nearby Canton Ticino. Lugano, in fact, is only around 50 minutes away from Milan and is easy to reach by car or train. As Marcello Coronini explains: “The prime objective of Gusto in Scena will be to show Switzerland the best of Italian wine and food. The second will be to offer Italian members of the trade and consumers the chance to get to know the charming city of Lugano and also the Swiss winemaking scene, which is of ever-increasing interest, particularly for its Merlots.”


But there is another factor: Coronini has decided to reduce the length of Gusto in Scena from three to just two days (Sunday and Monday). In doing so, he is bucking the trend of the vast majority of important European food and wine events, thus showing that he has taken into account the wishes of the producers and demonstrating that friendly debate can contribute to the success of an event. This two-day jamboree will present itself to those attending as a real voyage into the world of food and wine, with discussion sessions aimed at trade professionals, chefs in particular. “Chef in Concerto” will be devoted to this category, with a thought-provoking subject that is – for the moment – still top secret. Each edition of the convention, in fact, has been characterized by a highly topical theme: in 2008, for example, the subject was the use of chemistry in the kitchen, and in 2010, on the other hand, Italian cuisine’s search for a distinctive identity. However, Chef in Concerto will not only be open to established and proficient chefs, but also to keen home cooks who would like to learn more about the culinary arts.

I Magnifici Vini, on the other hand, will offer  an oenophiles’ tour of  Europe, thanks to its pick of over a hundred producers from all over Italy, Slovenia and, naturally, Switzerland.

The third event will be Seduzioni di Gola, which will allow visitors to familiarise themselves with rare tastes and select, exclusively hand-prepared delicatessen products, from cheeses and cured meats to mostarde (chutneys) and jams, as well as extraordinary smoked fish, delectable confectioneries and precious truffles.


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