Golden Olive oil from the heart of Croatia, infused with gold flakes

Luxurious gourmet has always been a mandatory choice amongst the most elite. Every food product has its unique traits and retailers need to keep up with rising demands. The Golden Olive Oil is one such exemplary product intended for ‘food decoration and a hedonistic gastro-experience’.

Golden olive oil tastes just like a real olive, slightly bitter and piquant with almond, tomato and dried fruit, flavoured by pieces of pure 24 karat gold. Luxuriously packed glass bottle is hidden inside black lacquered wooden box protected by little lock with a key. The box is placed inside velvet bag.

The owner of the box receives an exclusive ownership card with unique number assigned to each of the bottles that come from limited series of 444 pieces. The card guarantees the privilege of buying the Golden Olive Oil without luxurious wooden casing (refill) and visiting olive – grove on the Island of Hvar. This hand made product is made by a small number of Croatian craftsmen (some of them continuing family tradition since 1861). It takes more than 120 hours to produce one item. Taste of luxury…


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