Cooking with … Cooking without …

Marcello Coronini, following the sensation caused in 2008, once again takes on the subject of “new ingredients” during the Congress at Gusto in Scena

Lugano – Palazzo dei Congressi – 13th and 14th March 2011

For its third edition, Gusto in Scena is transferring from Venice to Lugano, the iconic city in Canton Ticino situated less than an hour’s drive from Milan.

At the city’s Palazzo dei Congressi, the show dreamt up and organised by journalist Marcello Coronini will once again offer a formula that is unique anywhere in Europe, presenting three events in one, in the shape of a conference of outstanding chefs, Chef in Concerto; a selection of around one hundred European wineries, I Magnifici Vini; and an array of gastronomic treats, Seduzioni di Gola.

At a time when cuisine is looking for a new path to follow, Chef in Concerto aims to give some answers by seeking the opinions of a selection of top chefs.

This year’s theme will be “Cooking with… cooking without… ”. “With” and “without” refer here to what Marcello Coronini has defined as the new ingredients that have become “fashionable” in recent years, but which are also the subject of journalistic and medical investigations regarding their healthiness and usefulness. Marcello Coronini had already broached this topic with a pharmacologist from the University of Milan back in 2008. Now, some three years later and in the light of the bill drafted by the Italian Undersecretary for Health, Francesca Martini, on the regulation of their use, the subject will be dealt with in a concrete manner, comparing dishes prepared with and without the use of alginates, thickeners and spherification.

As in 2010, Marcello Coronini will call fellow journalists up on stage to introduce some of the chefs and chat with them, so as not to be the only interlocutor and also encourage dialogue and an exchange of opinions. “The objective is certainly not to demonize ingredients that are capable of giving a dish greater appeal, but to understand how useful they really are and what their side-effects are” asserts Marcello Coronini.  “Through this event we will try to restore a just scale of values for judging a dish. In recent years this has become – in order of importance – “attractive, tasty and nourishing”, whereas I am convinced that it should go back to being “tasty, nourishing and attractive”.

The chefs who will be invited to talk at the Congress will be chosen so as to present very different ideas and cooking techniques and, therefore, offer a wide and varied range of opinions.

Thanks to these “showdowns” it will be possible to decide which recent developments should be preserved and handed down to the exponents of the cuisine of the future. Each chef will have the opportunity to take a few minutes before presenting his or her dish to express their opinion on this matter.

There will also be greater stress laid on reinforcing the connection between top restaurants and wine. For each dish presented by the guest chefs, a suggestion will also be given as to which wine or wines might ideally be served with it, chosen from amongst the producers taking part in I Magnifici Vini, thus creating a close rapport between the two events.

Alongside Chef in Concerto, in fact, Gusto in Scena will present a selection entitled I Magnifici Vini, which will offer an oenophile’s tour of Europe, thanks to its pick of more than a hundred wineries from all over Italy, Slovenia and – naturally – Switzerland. The third event, Seduzioni di Gola, will, on the other hand, feature producers of gastronomic delicacies.


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