Hyper-Tapas Bar by Ferrran Adria

The cocktail bar 41o and the tapas bar Tickets is an hyper-tapas bar/restaurant located in Barcelona, in the midst of the theatre district. Owned by Ferran and Albert Adria and the three Iglesias brothers (from Rias de Galicia Restaurant), Tickets Restaurant consists of five theatre-type bars offering an evolution in traditional tapas;  even sweet tapas are served in a circus tent! What does that mean in practical terms? Expect cocktails to be paired with hits from past El Bulli “collections” like the parmesan ice cream, Iberian ham ‘Airbaguette’, spherical minimozarellas with basil, mango leaves with Tagete flower, yoghurt Pistachulines and steamed Brioche with mozzarella.

A great amount of historical research went into the planning of Tickets, and the 40 meters of storefront displays a timeline of Spanish tapas. Other historical references is incorporated into the décor, such as an old Royal Academy dictionary open at the page containing the oldest known written reference to the word tapa. Vintage photos of tapas and vintage maps, as well as old bottles of wine, completes the historical look.

The first of six dining areas tries to replicate the magical Barcelona light, and homage its port.

The second area is a booze haven. Adrià‘s own Estrella beer is on tap, and the list includes several wines by some of the brothers’ favourite Spanish bodegas: “Wines by Peter Sisseck, Alvaro Palacios, Juan Luis Cañas, Joan Juvé, Paco Torelló and Marisol Bueno.

The third area is known as a madhouse or Marx’s cabin with little space for swine and rogues.

The fourth area is a futuristic bar with high stools, serving avant-garde one-or-three-bite morsels.

The fifth area, or The Grill, is the center on all things grilled. This is where one will find the most rustic tapas of all, and also the Catalan classic pa amb tomàquet (bread rubbed with tomato and garlic and drizzled with olive oil).

The sixth area is Albert’s own fairyland, reminiscent of old amusement parks. Expect “hanging light bulbs, a big top and cotton candy machines, display windows full of colourful desserts.  Wafers stuffed with praline with nougat candy ice cream, honey syrup, tallaetes with cinnamon and ginger ice cream and orange iced drink with white vermouth, mató with crunchy honey, crunchy strawberries with white chocolate and yoghurt and many more. Old ice cream carts with homemade ice creams.”


Source: http://www.psssst.net/2011/03/06/hyper-tapas-bar-by-ferrran-adria/


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