Italian and Slovenian gourmet evening in Florence: dinner by Stefano Santo and Matej Tomažič with wines by Čotar

On Friday 11th March the Relais & Chateaux Villa La Vedetta in Florence hosted a special dinner, organized in collaboration between Carlo Vischi and Andreja Lajh (Carpe Diem Club). Italian and Slovenian creativity of two great chefs – the host Stefano Santo (Restaurant Onice, Villa La Vedetta) and as guest  Matej Tomažič (Majerija) – was completed with the excellent Čotar wines.

We were enjoying a very interesting interplay between the two chefs.

The hosting chef Stefano Santo is expressing his creativity through creating harmony between tradition of his territory and inspirations from his trips, with strong influence of the far East.

The guest, Matej Tomažič is more traditional, strongly bound to his territory and traditions which in him evoke emotions and memories, emotions that he then transmits to us through his wonderful dishes full of nostalgia and beauty. Coming from Vipava valley in Slovenia, the land strongly influenced by the burja/bora wind which – the land of strong characters and intense tastes.

The wines of the wine house Čotar are known for their traditional and natural approach. Pure, without additives, respecting the territory and the old methods of winemaking they are pure poetry not only for the mouth but also for our entire body and soul. Produced in the Karst region, where there are more rocks then soil and where sun and burja/bora wind work with hand in hand, they express the purity of the territory and strong character of its people.


Appetizers / Črna, teran sparkling wine by Čotar

At the table:

Beef tartar with diced apples and horseradish, crispy maize leaves and sour-sweet pomegranate emulsion – Vitovska 2007


Scallops, bacon with the Asian perfume, celery salad, raspberries – Malvasia Čotar 2006


Cannolo with Ricotta di Bufala and almonds, pumpkin water and sauce, mustard of the red onion – Malvasia Čotar 2005

Mouflon fillet in the ginger and coffee crust, Brinjevec sauce, warm vinaigrette with rosemary, souffle from carrot and fresh basil – Terra Rossa 2003 Čotar,  Merlot 2003 Čotar

Cooked milk with elderflower sauce and roasted almonds, thyme sorbet in white chocolate, cold strawberry soup

Creamy from ‘Amedei Chuao’ chocolate, pistachio reduction, sorbet with the bitter from mandarins / Sweet Teran wine
Have a look at the photos of the evening:


The chefs: Stefano Santo and Matej Tomažič (Foto by: Paolo Picciotto)

Matej Tomažič (Foto by: Paolo Picciotto)

Natascia Santandrea (from the Michelin stared restaurant La Tenda Rossa), Carlo Vischi (Edizioni Il Gusto / Gribaudo/Feltrinelli), Beatrice Grassi (owner of Villa La Vedetta) (Foto by: Paolo Picciotto)

Appetizer by Matej Tomažič (Foto by: Paolo Picciotto)

Another appetizer by Matej Tomažič (Foto by: Paolo Picciotto)

Stefano Santo at work (Foto by: Paolo Picciotto)

Matej Tomažič is controling everything (Foto by: Paolo Picciotto)

Giampaolo Rosselli del Turco with Andreja Lajh (Carpe Diem Club) (Foto by: Paolo Picciotto)

Stefano Santo, Carlo Vischi and Matej Tomažič (Foto by: Paolo Picciotto)

Chefs, winemaker Vasja Čotar (behind Andreja lajh), Andreja Lajh and guests (Foto by: Paolo Picciotto)

Andreja Petrevčič and chef Matej Tomažič (Foto by: Paolo Picciotto)

Andreja Petrevčič, winemaker Vasja Čotar, Andreja Lajh and Giampaolo Rosselli del Turco with the tasty appetizers on the table. (Foto by: Paolo Picciotto)

Appetizers were served. (Foto by: Paolo Picciotto)


A big thanks to:

Restaurant Onice

Restaurant Majerija

Čotar Wines

Paolo Picciotto


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