Sabadi – slowliving: chocolate from Modica for the hedonists

I’ve met Simone in Florence at the Slovene-Italian dinner that we organized there with Carlo Vischi. After the dinner, Simone Sabaini – young guy from Verona who moved to Modica to start Slowliving – offered to us some of his Sabadi Modica chocolate. We all have felt in love with this exquisite dark passion so I’m glad to present it to our readers with the words of Simone:

We have chosen an extraordinary cacao in Ecuador: il Nacional fino de aroma Arriba Superior Summer Selected and we are offering it in six combinations of strong character.

The ingredients which we use are all sourced from the fair trade and slow food presidio respecting the small communities, ambient and biodiversity.

Cino loves to play. In the first instant you will not feel it, but then, suddenly, it will appear and you will remain with open mouth.

The chili pepper is of the bio origin and is cultivated in the spice gardens of Sri Lanka.

Darino is a pure freshness which surprisingly lasts.
An equilibrium difficult to reach – between the strong aroma of our cacao Nacional and delicacy of the late mandarin of Ciaculli, a sweet variety produced in that small part of Conca d’oro in the Palermo region which fascinated so much the travellers and poets of every period of history.

Who knows if colonel Interdonato would ever think that the peel of his lemons will be used some day in a chocolate.
The lemon Interdonato is a special variety which grows only at the coast part of the Messina region, North of Taormina. It’s very sweet and its aroma will remain for a long time on your palate.

Lo scuro (the Dark) is a dark chocolate of a strong character, the strongest expression of the aroma of Nacional in a perfect equilibrium of the liquirizia flavours of the  brown sugar Mascobado.

Lo scuro (the Dark), thankfully to his excellent persistence, is a perfect combination with the best distillates.
It harmonizes even with the strongest cigars.

The aromatic notes of the Nacional cacao find in Rossella a pleasant contrast with persistence of the peels of the red oranges of Sicily.
We are using the sanguinello variety, the old variety that grows late from February to April and can’t be anymore found in the big markets. It has a red peel, is rich of essential oils and is very aromatic.

A big classic:  in Nella we find the classic combination from Modica which is offered in our case with cinnamon of the bio origin cultivated in the spice gardens of Sri Lanka where they grow a rare variety which is less spicy and much more sweet.

Get to know more:

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PS Do you know what is typical about the Modica chocolate? Read it here. For me it was love at the first sight and it still lasts 😉

(Photo of Sabadi chocolates:


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