Interview: Marjan Simčič, Simčič winery, Ceglo/Brda, Slovenia

The Simčič wines (attention – we are this time talking about Marjan Simčič, not Edi Simčič, who also creates excellent and well known wines!) are for sure between the best known Slovenian wines abroad. His often awarded wines from the Slovenian Brda region (part of the vineyards are also in Italian Collio) are known as wines that are made naturally, with no sulfur dioxide additions until blending and bottling, and extended skin contact which is not usual for white wines. But there’s a more modern freshness and cleanness to these wines, too: they’re a long way from the funky, heavy traditional style that can still be found in this region.

Valerija and Marjan Simčič together with their son (Photo: Simčič Archive)

What has brought you into the world of wines?

I was born into the world of wines, I was growing up in this world and now I’m following the tradition of my ancestors.

How would you describe your company?

We are a family wine estate and as that we are organized in the way that the main activities are divided between the family members. In the last twenty years I’ve taken from my father the main responsibility of the production, processing and maturing the wine. I’m involved also in a part of sales and marketing activities, which are mostly in the responsibility of my wife Valeria who is also taking care of financial part of the business. My father is also still active, mostly in the vineyards where he is working together with two employees.

What’s your wine philosophy?

I care about producing the best possible natural classic wines with my personal style and expressed character of the terroir.

Between your wines, which one do you prefer?

I like all my wines. It’s difficult to expose one. It depends of the moment and occasion.

Are your wines the way you want them?

Yes. I’m producing since a long time wines which are satisfying my taste. But it’s true that at the same time I’m satisfying also high international standards for the classic wines.

Marjan Simčič with his father (Photo: Simčič Archive)

Which wine of some other winemaker would you want to be yours?

Pinot Noir – Romanée-Conti.

Do you have any realizable or realized dreams?

At my first visit at the important wine makers in France I was looking at the world map and admired the wide spread presence of their wines. In that moment I started to desire to produce wines which will be mine but on such a quality level that they would gain an admiring position worldwide. Today I’ve succeeded in this.

Do you have also any unrealizable dream?

In the connection with wines? No. Most of my dreams has come true, others I’m close to reach. I’m convinced that with persistence, honesty and love for this work I will be able to reach even my highest dreams.

If you wouldn’t be involved in wines, what would you do?

I was never thinking about it!

Where are available your wines?

In the last years we have won quite some interesting new markets. Our wines are sold only in restaurants and enotheques. As the only Slovenian wine makers we are selling our wines also in Brasil! The USA market is opening itself more and more (our wines are available in California, New York, Colorado, Florida, Utah,…), our wines are available also in the demanding markets of UK, France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Albania, Russia, Japan,… You can find them even on islands of the Bahamas and Maldives. You can drink them even in the most exclusive restaurants as for example Fat Duck in UK , Noma in Copenhagen, La Pergola in Rome, Hangar 7 in Salzburg ,… and that’s not all yet. But we have never neglected the home market of Slovenia. I’m proud that we always had a strong presence also in this market.

(Photo: Simčič Archive)

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