Interview: Tomaž Prinčič (Prinčič winery, Kozana/Brda, Slovenia)

On the family farm Prinčič from Kozana in Brda they cultivate grapevine since many generations and create it’s noble product. The old writings from 1848 talk about the Prinčič family as vine and fruit growers. Since generations the tradition of collaboration with nature and protection of the nature and it’s quality products transferred to the youngsters.

What has brought you into the world of wines?

I was born into the world of wine… Already my parents (and also my grandparents) were wine makers. The oldest written document about our farmhouse dates into 1848. After I’ve finished the secondary school, during my studies on the Faculty of agronomy, I was visiting wineries in Slovenia and abroad, where I was getting to know the contemporary, traditional and commercial wine styles. The world of wine becomes smaller and more and more attractive.

How would you describe your company?

We are a middle sized family winery where all decisions are taken by the family.

What’s your wine philosophy?

To create, in collaboration with nature, each year the best possible wine,

Between your wines, which one do you prefer?

All wines are like our children. It’s difficult to sat which one do I prefer. It’s a decision of the moment. Priority has the wine in which we have put the most effort.

Are your wines the way you want them?

Of course. Elegant, harmonic, drinkable and complex.

Which wine of some other winemaker would you want to be yours?

I’m happy with our wines. I like to try also wines of other wine makers and if I’m impressed by any of them I’m always thinking about how to make our wines even better.

Do you have any realizable or realized dreams?

I think I was always keeping my dreams close to Earth, that’s why many of them came true. But there are always some new dreams which bring progress and improvements.

Do you have also any unrealizable dream?

I try to dream realizable dreams.

If you wouldn’t be involved in wines, what would you do?

I was educated in the sense of love for nature and wine since my youngest age, so I was never thinking about doing something else.

Where are available your wines?

They are available in restaurants and enotheques in Slovenia, Italy, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina and in the Czech Republic.


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