La Subida – a piece of heaven in Friuli (Italy)

I did a big mistake when I was trying to capture some views of La Subida: I didn’t make the photo of the most precious part – the family. It’s everything about the the wonderful Sirk family. They are the heart and the soul of this piece of heaven in Friuli, at Cormons, in Italy but close to the Slovenian border. La Subida is their purest expression – a heartfelt poetry which involves all the senses and spoils us in every moment of the day or night.

It’s a wonderful place to spend holidays. With horses, tennis court, swimming pool, wonderful surroundings for walks or Vespa rides it’s a perfect spot for a relaxing holiday. But it can be also much more.

I can imagine it as a perfect location for team buildings, a week of coaching etc – a nice escape to dedicate to rediscovery of ourselves in harmony with nature and universe. Subida has it all – nature, excellent healthy food, fresh air, horses and most of all family Sirk who makes everything perfect.

Beautiful houses are expecting the guests. Typical local architecture which beautifully sets into the surroundings carries the real beauty inside. Let’s enter. Have a look at with how much attention for every detail were created the ambient of the houses where you feel all the happiness and warmth of the Sirk family.

For the guests is available also the Michelin stared restaurant La Subida where Alessandro Gavagna (read interview with him here), husband of Joško Sirk’s daughter Tanja, does pure magic out of the local cuisine. But even for those who want to eat something more simple is taken care – at the Subida estate is available also a trattoria which will spoil you with home made local food.

Let’s have a look at La Subida restaurant:

Now start making plans when will you visit this wonderful place on Earth…

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  1. I am the author of the book Flavors of Friuli: A Culinary Journey through Northeastern Italy, and La Subida is my absolute favorite restaurant in Friuli-Venezia Giulia. For more information about my book, please visit my website at and my blog at

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