Moleskine Artist Marketplace: Win original artwork in an exclusive giveaway for Coolhunter twitter followers!

BobL-1.jpg Miss-L-2.jpg

The notebook most likely to be found in artists’ back pockets, Moleskine recently tightened its relationship with the creative community through its Artist Marketplace, an exciting digital venture that lets art fans purchase one-off blank notebooks directly from artists who painted, drew or otherwise created imagery on the covers. Whether budding or established, anyone can sell their customized notebook online by simply covering it in art, uploading an image of it and setting a price.

The growing shop includes a huge roster of talented artists, but Bob London, Miss Lotion and Brad Fisher are each donating a notebook to three lucky CH readers. U.K.-based illustrator Bob London (top left) has exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery and worked extensively as a commercial artist for clients such as The New York Times and Carhartt. Miss Lotion, a Danish artist, opts for gouache paint for her customizations. Having previously studied both graphic design and illustration, her hand-painted notebooks (above right) showcase lessons learned from both disciplines.

artmole1.jpg artmole2.jpg

American artist Brad Fisher is “stoked” to be working with Moleskine on this project. His series “The French Books” (above) is inspired by the romantic idea of sitting at a cafe with nothing but a pen and paper.

To win one of the three notebooks shown here, follow Coolhunter on Twitter and tweet at them what you use your Moleskine for by 11:59pm EST on Wednesday, 6 April 2010. Be sure to include @coolhunting and #moleskine in your tweet. To become part of the project, visit Moleskine’s Artist Marketplace for more information.



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