Fun with fish: Learn directly from fishers and cooks

Photo: Archive Slow Food

Slow Fish is back at the Genoa Fiera (Italy) from May 27 to 30, the fifth biannual international event dedicated to the world of fish and marine ecosystems. Debates, meetings, workshops and tastings will focus on issues linked to sustainable fishing and responsible seafood consumption.



In the Slow Food Education space within Slow Fish, visitors will have the chance to follow two fun and educational paths that explain the importance of our choices to the health of the seas and fish stocks. The two experiences, Sea, Fish and Fishers and Markets, Menus and Cooks, are designed for children and adults visiting the event.

Sea, Fish and Fishers
Participants will meet an endangered “species”: the fisherman. They’ll explore with a fisherman the answers to two fundamental questions: How and where do fish live? How do we catch them? Listening to fishermen’s stories, they’ll go on a virtual journey to understand the differences between artisanal and industrial fishing and find out how to adapt their own daily food habits to a more sustainable consumption style, learning more about how food chains work. The experience will conclude with a tasting of a Fishwich made from a little-known but still delicious fish species.

Photo: Archive Slow Food

Markets, Menus and Cooks
A series of activities will help visitors understand the “right” choices when it comes to buying and eating fish. With the help of a cook, visitors will learn how and what to choose, how to read food labels and how to avoid food fraud. They’ll try out different preparation steps and sample flavorful traditional recipes made from fish not at risk of extinction.

During both the experiences, children can participate in entertaining educational games to learn more about the world of fish.

Practical information:

Sea, Fish and Fishers and Markets, Menus and Cooks
: 45 minutes
School groups: Friday and Monday 9.30 am, 11 am, 12 pm, 2 pm, 3.30 pm
Children: Saturday and Sunday 2.30 pm, 4 pm
Adults: Friday 6 pm, 7.30 pm, 9 pm; Saturday and Sunday 11.30 am, 5.30 pm, 7 pm. 8.30 pm; Monday 5.30 pm
Cost: Children (up to age 13): free; adults: €5 (free for Slow Food members); school groups and accompanying teachers: free

The following activities have been organized in collaboration with the Slow Food Convivium at the University of Gastronomic Sciences.


Personal Shopper

A team of food experts will be on hand to guide visitors around the Market stalls, recommending which species to choose while respecting fishing seasons and the principles behind conscious and rational shopping. Participants will also get valuable practical tips on how to cook often-ignored fish species. The choices we all make have an effect on the market, but an informed consumer can also have a positive influence on the world of fishing, if they avoid choosing at-risk species. This can be done without renouncing the pleasure of eating fish and seafood. The Personal Shopper guided trip around the market starts from the Slow Food Education area.

Photo: Archive Slow Food

Sustainable Sushi

By taking part in this guided tour through the world of Japanese fish specialties, visitors can find out how to navigate a sushi menu, exploring issues like fish characteristics, possible adulterations and alternatives to the most commonly used species, many of which are at risk of extinction. The experience concludes at the Sushi Island, a special space created in collaboration with the knife-maker Kai, where two Japanese cooks, Kiyoshi Hayamizu and Katzoumi Ota, will be preparing sushi made from sustainable species. Visitors will be able to sample delicious raw fish with a high sensory quality and a low impact on the marine ecosystem.

Personal Shopper and Sustainable Sushi
: around an hour
Times: Saturday and Sunday 11.30 am, 3 pm, 6 pm
Cost: €5 per participant

Slow Fish is organized by the Liguria Regional AuthoritySlow Food and Mareterra di Liguria – Fondazione Carige,with the patronage of the Italian Ministry for Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies; the Genoa Provincial Authority and the City of Genoa and with the support of the Genoa Chamber of Commerce.

Photo: Archive Slow Food




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