Edi Kante and his great wines at Evergreen restaurant

Edi Kante (from left) with Dada Jerovšek and the chef Anže Gombač (Photo: Dean Dubokovič)

There are quite some great wine makers, but there are only a few legends. Edi Kante is one of them. He is not only a great winemaker but also the man who demonstrated that Karst is able to create great wines. He was the one who gave courage to the followers to believe in their territory and shared with them all his knowledge and experience which he gained in many years of his passionate winemaking. He is not only the key figure of his own wines, he is the key figure of Karst. A man who is beloved and respected by all his colleagues and wine lovers. Great person and real artist on canvas and even bigger in wines.

Enjoy listening to Edi Kante who explains his wonderful wines and his philosophy:

On Wednesday evening Edi Kante and his wines were special guests of the evening at the restaurant Evergreen where the chef of the restaurant prepared a special mediterranean dinner which was crowned by desserts created by young talented pâtissier of the Kaval group. Dean Dubokovič has captured some moments of the evening:

Evergreen restaurant offers wonderful views of endless green - it is positioned at the golf course (Photo: Dean Dubokovič)

Trofie with asparagus, small tomatoes and mozzarella (Photo: Dean Dubokovič)

At the table. (Photo: Dean Dubokovič)

Lamb's leg with spring vegetables and potatoes (Photo: Dean Dubokovič)

Conversation with the talented pâtissier (Photo: Dean Dubokovič)

Azienda Agricola “Kante” 
Località Prepotto, 3 – 34011 Duino Aurisina (TS)
Tel. +39 040/200761 – Fax +39 040/200255.

Photographer Dean Dubokovič: http://www.foto-dd.com/

Restaurant Evergreen: http://kaval-group.si/evergreen/


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