Interview: Corrado Fasolato, Met (Venice, Italy)

Corrado Fasolato was learning from the legends worldwide. This, his sensibility and strong creativity (he invented some new techniques which are patented) has raised him into  a legend also himself. Already young he gained two Michelin stars and is till this moment still the only chef in Venice to have two of them. He invites us to a journey of discovery of sensations and memories, so let’s get to know him.

What has brought you into the culinary world and how did you decide to become a chef?

I came into the world of the gastronomy because I’m a sweet tooth and there was a continuing series of things which always brought me into the touch with fire.

How would you describe the philosophy behind your cuisine and what is most typical about it?

My cuisine is born from an innovative idea of flavours, it’s inspired by senses. Cuisine which looks back to tradition with all the attention to the lightness uniting with boldness the tastes and perfumes of thousands of nuances … a journey of discovery of sensations and memories, a journey of long culinary emotions. It’s a cuisine of clear flavours which remain distinct and recognizable on the palate.

Let’s go to your childhood. Are there any memories, tastes, flavours, which are important for your creations of today?

Yes, the perfume and taste of grill. All the weekends my family enjoyed grilled pigeons, rabbits etc. and since I had ten years I was the one to take care of it.

Are there any ingredients that you are specially fond of and which you use more often?

No, I’m trying to use all the available ingredients searching to value them in the best way.

Who were your tutors and mentors? Who has influenced you the most and how?

I think that the chef who has influenced me the most was Gualtiero Marchesi. Not for the technique, plates or teachings but because I’ve learned from him that even through a single ingredient one can express emotions, love, state of mind.

Who/what is inspiring you today?

The sounds, the music end everything we feel. I believe that with help of sounds we can make come true and express  very important things regarding the plates. About a year ago I have started a collaboration with a DJ to develop a combination of food and music.

Creativity and technique. What is more important for you and why?

Both of them. Creativity serves to develop new ideas and technique for making them work.

What’s your favourite dish?

Woodcock on spit.

What was your biggest success?

La Moka: different soups or consommé made as coffee . I put everything what creates aromas into the filter. It’s a patented idea.

Do you have any realizable or realized dreams?

Yes, but I can’t tell it.

Do you have also any unrealizable dream?

Yes, to create an alliance between chefs to be stronger together in valorising our land with the rest of the world.

If you wouldn’t be a chef, what would you do?

Motorcycle racer. The risk to go over limits was always my passion and in some way I’m living this passion also in my kitchen.

Update in January 2013: Now you can find Corrado Fasolato in his own restaurant:

All the photos are from the archive of Corrado Fasolato.



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