Baratto Wine Day at TerroirVino in Genova

The whole day dedicated to the free barter of wine. It will take place on Monday June 13th, 2011, during Terroir Vino, the new edition of Baratto Wine Day (BWD). The appointment is at Magazzini del Cotone in Genova, inside the Porto antico area, from 10 am to 8 pm.

During the whole manifestation it will be possible to free barter, without considering the monetary value of the items being exchanged, bottles of wine brought from home or purchased directly from the present wineries.

The rules will be very simple: inside a proper area near the entrance of Terroir Vino, for each bottle you bring in, you can take another one out, under the supervision of the staff, that will verify the the number of bottles that you brought. Magnums are worth 2 bottles. Half bottles and half liters are worth one bottle. The exchange will be made regardless of typology, vintage, DOC and reputation, real or perceived.

Born one year ago on Twitter, from an idea of Studio Cru, Baratto Wine Day has the purpose to allow the free exchange of wine bottles breaking the regional borders often imposed by . Baratto Wine Day wants to be an occasion of play and fun – as the atmosphere of Terroir vino is – to bring back to wine the convivial and jovial aspect, often forgotten by people.

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