Giorgio Armani Plans a Luxury Hotel In London

Girogio Armani has been dressing us in luxury for years. Now, the fashion powerhouse is hoping to make us live in luxury. Armani has already entered the luxury hotel sector through his subsidiary firm, Armani Hotels. A visit to the website proclaims “Stay with Armani”. And now, the designer and entrepreneur has set his sights on Britain, as the site for his latest investment.

Armani has been carrying out discussions with his advisors about building a £300 million hotel in London. If this works out, it would be Giorgio Armani‘s first hotel venture in Britain. As of now, Knightsbridge in West London, near the famous Harrods store, seems to be the frontrunner for the preferred location for the hotel.

It is early yet, but apparently Armani is already in talks about the luxury hotel. Among other things, Armani Hotels will have to decide whether to convert an older hotel or an office space into the 200-room Armani hotel. The royal wedding recently spurred plenty of interest in the city of London. In fact, the city’s hotel sector appears to be on the upswing, what with big companies buying up older properties like the magnificent Grosvenor House hotel.

Having built one of the biggest fashion empires in the world, Giorgio Armani now seems bent on working his magic in the hotel sector. He already owns a hotel in Milan. Last year, he collaborated with the Dubai-based Emaar Properties to open his first Dubai hotel. The two groups are working on opening properties in Paris, New York, Tokyo and Shanghai as well, with Armani overseeing the design end of things and Emaar taking care of the construction.

Via: Daily Mail

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