Bella Sky Comwell Hotel in Copenhagen

On May 16th, Bella Center opened the doors to its biggest business venture ever – the Bella Sky Comwell hotel.

A hotel with direct access to Bella Center has long been the wish of CEO Arne Bang Mikkelsen – and today marks the realisation of this wish with Bella Center opening the doors to the group’s biggest ever venture, the Bella Sky Comwell hotel. The proud and happy CEO takes up the story:

“This is a big day, both for the group and for me personally. We are extremely proud to be able to welcome guests to the biggest hotel in the Nordic region – a hotel that not only is in a unique category in terms of architecture and interior design, but also will contribute to attracting even more major international congresses to Copenhagen.’’

The 23-storey hotel has 814 rooms, the Sky Bar and not least – the property is one of Europe’s first to offer an all-female floor, with rooms and amenities specifically selected to cater for female guests.

Bella Sky Comwell was designed by 3XN.

The hotel will be a major landmark for Ørestaden and add an urban atmosphere to the neighbourhood. As an integrated part of Bella Center, Bella Sky Comwell will also benefit from the optimum location between Copenhagen city centre, Copenhagen Airport and Ørestaden.

The hotel’s two towers are a close, somewhat shy pair leaning apart from each other. This tilt provides an open view over the flat landscape from all rooms in both towers.

Due to air traffic safety so close to the airport, a maximum permitted height of 75 metres eliminated the option of a single tall tower. With its 814 rooms, 30 conference rooms, 3 restaurants, 2 bars and spa and wellness centre, Bella Sky Comwell is Scandinavia’s biggest design hotel.

3XN’s vision

Bella Sky Comwell’s two towers stand close to each other like a dancing couple in movement. The towers lean away from each other, creating an opening that ensures all guests fully enjoy the wonderful view over Amager Common and the vast Copenhagen skyline.

Thus, the two towers are not just integrated into Copenhagen’s skyline, but also form their own space that joins the other tall buildings of Ørestaden in marking the neighbourhood as a new urban area.

The angled facades and tilting buildings are also an expression of efficient and optimised utilisation of standard hotel logistics. The opening was created by splitting the volume of a “normal” walkway and then moving the two parts diagonally from each other.

3XN designed Bella Sky as a landmark for all of Ørestaden. The towers provide this flat neighbourhood with a striking vertical point of reference – a gateway that provides a modern addition to Copenhagen’s historic skyline and tradition of few, but visually striking points of orientation.

By marking the entrance to the central part of Ørestaden, Bella Sky Comwell points towards Copenhagen and expands our experience of the city’s space.

Kim Herforth Nielsen, founder of 3XN and Creative Director, explains:

“The challenge was to build two towers with a single origin, so a common foyer was possible. Designing a sustainable building was also vital to us. This includes insulating the building from solar heat and heat loss, which meant that the facade could not be comprised of more than 50% glass.  The facade’s pattern provides this insulating effect. And the pattern, which is formed by diagonal and vertical lines, enhances the building’s look by following the turning of the towers.”

The interior decoration of Bella Sky Comwell is based on an innovation of the classic hotel. Bella Sky Comwell follows the tradition of renowned Scandinavian design and is decorated with simple components in stylish materials that reflect the hotel’s exclusivity. The vision is to create a modern hotel that reflects the city’s pulsating energy while providing space for intimacy.

This becomes evident upon entering the foyer, where the entrance features a specially-designed light installation and furniture upholstered with textiles that discretely resemble the structure of the building’s facade. The foyer features a room in the room and incorporates materials from the hotel’s natural surroundings, creating a soft and intimate contrast to the city. For example, the lounge and restaurants feature plant walls, the lobby’s fireplace area is surrounded by reeds and the wall behind the reception is a woodpile. The classic, stationary desks are replaced with mobile elements that ensure personalised service.

The architecture’s look and playful approach to the facade is reproduced in the hotel’s rooms. The tilt of the towers provides a panoramic view that changes around the building. The architectural design creates more than 200 different combinations in the 814 rooms. The pure lines are broken by natural materials such as ash and smoked oak, as well as red, purple and green nuances, as well as specially-designed rugs and furniture.

The design concept provides a large variety of rooms that offer recognisability while creating the opportunity for a new experience every stay.

Text: Dennis Christiansen 3XNielsen.

The town where Arne Jacobsen established the world’s first designer hotel could neither be a more appropriate nor demanding location for a new and ambitious hotel and conference centre.

When TEA was offered the challenge to design five unique restaurants for the Bella Sky Comwell, they imagined a hotel suitable for all seasons – a colourful world unto itself with a rhythm of its own which changes during the course of the day.

The morning is filled with energy when breakfast or brunch is consumed in an open space with a living green backdrop or in the light and warmth of the fireplace on a cloudy day.

The afternoon cappuccino is enjoyed on a deck surrounded by reeds or in the restful atmosphere of the library restaurant.

A group of unique pendant lamps leads the eye to the restaurant situated on the open level, where the chefs prepare the meals on an open kitchen stage.

The elevators lead the guest further through to dinner in the sunset, and the day ends with drinks and dancing in the sky above Copenhagen.

The Bella Sky Comwell provides a new kind of rhythm that is both Scandinavian and metropolitan. A feeling akin to the words Tage Danielsson used to describe jazz crooner Monica Zetterlund: ”A nightclub queen smelling of meadows, a lingonberry sprig in a cocktail glass… a homemade weave of gold.”

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