Grassroots tastings during TerroirVino 2011

Easy-listening stories about wines and their territories as told by native enthusiasts. At Magazzini del Cotone, as part of TerroirVino 2011. Booking is required.

Monday, June 13th, during TerroirVino 2011.

No gurus, no idols! Grassroots tastings: wines and territories described in convivial and understandable talks, by common yet competent people; above all by people who, by birth or by choice, are “intimate” with the area they intend to describe. In addition to this new TerroirVino feature, we will also hold a special vertical tasting dedicated to a Company selected for the excellence of its accomplishments in recent years. The official hashtag for Grassroots Tasting at TerroirVino will be #ddb. Please make note of it.

Following is the schedule for the 2011 #ddb:

1) #ddb – Gaspare Buscemi: “retrospective”

Described by Pillon as “An atypical prophet of quality wines” an opinion with which is easy to agree. Gaspare Buscemi is an eclectic figure: an oenologist professionally engaged in different parts of Italy, he has long been a wine grower favouring traditional, natural
methods aiming primarily at the making of “artisanal wines”

2) #ddb: Rossese di Dolceacqua

The Rossese grape is undergoing a revitalization, thanks to the outstanding work of a few young wine growers who have courageously decided to carry forward their family business or to embark from the beginning in this new adventure. Rossese, the main cultivar
of Western Liguria, is the final expression of the marriage binding the coast to the sea. Its mysterious origins, astride France and Italy, it even enthralled Napoleon Bonaparte.

3) #ddb: Fiano di Avellino

Already a DOC wine since 1978, Fiano di Avellino obtained the G (for “Guaranteed”) in 2003. A vine strongly characterized by its terroir, it expresses itself with very distinctive features, depending upon the growth zone, which combines 26 towns in the Avellino province, including its capital. It ages rather well. Overall, the most prized white of the South.

4) #ddb: Trebbiano Spoletino

Having returned on the scene in recent years and with the leading role in a new Denomination of Origin, Trebbiano Spoletino is one of the wines that have been tied to their own land for generations. Often surprising, once poured in the glass, it has the capability to demonstrate its unexpected potential.

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