CalypsoCase – True European phone fashion design

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Stylish and luxury handmade case for your iPhone, BlackBerry, HTC and Samsung phone. Precision handcrafted from selected premium materials. Leather, titanium, black silver, silver, gold, zirconium. The perfect combination of craftsmanship and European design.

CalypsoCase is a brand new, simply elegant and technologically advanced, precision handmade protection case for mobile phones like no other. Made from leather and titanium. Designed and produced by hand in Europe. Enriched with precious metals and specially developed micro fabrics.

CalypsoCase features the rigidness of titanium covered with a stylish leather.

This new phone case opens up a new phone fashion category for the style and fashion aware people. The most appealing, elegant and yet so rigid 2011 spring/summer collection of CalypsoCase is now available for pre orders on

No compromise

Every CalypsoCase its carefully put together by hand from 4 important layers:

1. MICRO FABRIC: Specially designed micro fabric inner skin that prevents your phone of sliding out and at the same time it nicely protects your phone’s screen.

2. TITANIUM: The inner skin is enclosed with strong and light titanium inner enclosure for ultimate protection. Just place your phone in the CalypsoCase before throwing it around and you’re good to go.

3. ITALIAN LEATHER: The CalypsoCase gets its beauty with a premium chosen Italian leather to assure perfect soft touch and fine and smooth look.

4. PREMIUM FINISH: To add the final sparkle we enclosed the case with a final premium U-shaped CalypsoRing made from different precious metals as black silver, silver, gold and zirconium.

Photo: Courtesy of

CalypsoCase pre-orders start May 20. 2011 on the CKIE online design project page and will be available for delivery at the end of June. In the pre-sales you will be able to get $129 worth CalypsoCase for only $70.

CalypsoCase is unparalleled accessory for your iPhone, BlackBerry, HTC or Samsung phone. A real masterpiece of craftsmanship and modern European design. CalypsoCase is a perfect companion for affluent and fashion aware gadget lower.

About the presales

People who opt in for the pre-sales, also named as backers of this project, will receive the following rewards depending on the amount of their pledge backing, if the project achieves its goal of collecting the total of 15,000.00 USD.

Pledging $5 and more: Your name will be posted as a backer (“Special thanks to:”) on our product page. That’s not all. You will receive a coupon for a free shipping when you purchase any of CalypsoCrystal products.

Pledging $35 and more: You will receive special gift coupon worth of $70 (thus $35 extra!) and you will have a chance to redeem it whenever you want against a purchase of any of the CalypsoCrystal product from our web site.

Pledging $70 and more: Special backer’s only edition of CalypsoCase (worth $129), mail delivered to your door. This will be unique, one-off design and no one will be able to buy it later. Your special CalypsoCase will be available 14 days before the official launch. And your name will be laser engraved to CalypsoCase.

Pledging $200 and more: You will get special backer’s only edition of CalypsoCase plus gorgeous CrystalDock. Your name will be laser engraved to CalypsoCase and CrystalDock. A true personalized accessory combo worth more than $330.

Pledging $600 and more: Your name will be printed on every retail box of CalypsoCase (“Special thanks to:”) plus you will get all the goodies as if you would pledge $200.

Pledging $1000 and more: You will visit design & production facilities plus dinner with founder and designers. And all the goodies from $600 pledge. One more thing: Transportation will be fast & smooth and it starts with an F.

Pledging $2500 and more: You will receive personal, worldwide delivery by the founder and/or designer of all the goodies from $600 pledge. Twice! (2 CalypsoCases and 2 CrystalDocks). A nice dinner with delivery boy and photo opportunity included! Only five seats available.

Photo: Courtesy of

About the CalypsoCrystal

CalypsoCrystal is Europe based premium design manufacturing company, founded in 2009 and known for its shiny crystal iPhone docking station, the CrystalDock. It is specialized in producing precision hand made products that accelerate in their modern design and beauty. More on

About the CKIE

CKIE (seeky) is a international founding and pre-ordering platform for product design. Devised by a group of professors in 1977, C = f (K, I, E) is the equation for creativity. It states that creativity (C) is a function of knowledge (K), imagination (I), and evaluation (E). The crowdfounding platform CKIE is owned by one of the most important and influential web design magazines Yanko Design. More on and


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