Yves Saint Laurent Love Caviar 2011 by Caviar House & Prunier

Since 1970, Yves Saint Laurent has been creating original drawings, inspired by the “sesame” word LOVE, which have become his greeting cards. Convinced by the quality of the Prunier caviar, Yves Saint Laurent accepted that each year one of his drawings be used to illustrate the tins of the caviar “Love” selection, which will accompany your best wishes.

Simply the perfect balance and harmony between salt and roe. Produced according to ancient Persian recipes using the original salt, Saint James Caviar has become one of the finest achievements of Prunier Manufacture and is in its absolute prime after 45 days of maturation. The special love story and ideal harmony between salt and roe is why Prrunier chose this particular preparation for their Prunier “Love” Caviar of 2011.

Available in 125 g and 250 g tin of Prunier Caviar Saint James.

Source: https://www.caviarhouse-prunier.com/


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