Terroir Vino – 7th Edition – Where wine, people and the web meet

Monday June 13th 2011
Magazzini del Cotone, Genoa Ancient Port

With the support of:
Regione Liguria, Provincia di Genova, Comune di Genova

TerroirVino (http://www.terroirvino.com) was created by TigullioVino.it. This wine portal, created in April 2000, has become the reference for wine and food information on the Web in Italy. The project consists in presenting to the trade press, professionals and to readers, a top selection of winemakers and wines resulting from the choices made over the last few years by their panel of tasters. In particular, among all the wines tasted, this selection rewards winemakers and wines that, beyond their high quality level and excellent quality-price ratio, have also managed to impart a strong emotion, and the respect of their grape varieties or their terroir. In other words not necessarily or not only “trendy wines” or “top flight wines”, but rather wines that deserve attention for their quality, originality and ease of drinking.

The meeting will take place to the Magazzini del Cotone, the congress center in the ancient port of Genoa. The motto, “where wine, people and the web meet”, underscores the need to stimulate communication and feedback between winemakers, professionals, consumers and independent media; the title, TerroirVino, explains the organizer’s effort to bring about a common ground for dialogue and exchanges between viticultural areas.

The wineries that Terroir Vino invites to participate in this event are part of what they call their quality circle, and represent the best wines tasted by their panel. New exhibitors get added to the quality circle every year, but the panel also verifies the continued eligibility of companies that have participated in previous editions. Wineries that are reconfirmed receive, each year, the Winery Prize for constant quality, while new wineries are given awards for wines that qualified either for absolute quality or quality-price ratio.

Location, exhibition space The Porto Antico di Genova area was restored to the city by architect Renzo Piano’s redevelopment project, which was designed to regenerate life on the piers and wharves of the old port area with cultural, leisure and commercial activities, restaurants and areas for rest and relaxation. Magazzini del Cotone is located in the Porto Antico di Genova.

Originally built in the early twentieth century to store goods, it is now a multi-functional facility that is also home to the Conference Centre. Cotone Congressi Genova, the conference division of Porto Antico di Genova S.p.A., operates the Magazzini del Cotone conference facility. With its unique architecture, central position and proximity to the airport, railway stations, motorways, hotels and cultural attractions, Magazzini del Cotone is the ideal location for conferences, exhibitions, shows, cultural events and product presentations.

Organizational details

Date of the event: Monday June 13th 2011

Event times:

– 09.15 am: arrival of exhibitors at Magazzini del Cotone and setting up of exhibit space

– 10am: exhibition opens to press and professionals

– 10am to 2,30pm: access to exhibition reserved for press professional

– 2,30pm to 8pm: exhibition open to the general public

– While no dinner is planned, the staff of TigullioVino.it will provide pleasant gastronomic accompaniments to the show at lunchtime and dinnertime.

TigullioVino.it – Cultura del Vino & Comunicazione

di Filippo Ronco Ditta Individuale
Viale Costa dei Landò 67 16030 Cogorno (GE)
Web : http://www.tigulliovino.it E-mail : info@tigulliovino.it
Tel. +39 347 2119450 Fax +39 06 233220684
VAT n° IT01136970991

Entry to the exhibition will be governed as follows:

Entry fee: 20€ (includes entry ticket for tasting and a tasting glass)

Includes gastronomic tastings that will happen throughout the day.

Bar service: continuous bar service, not included in fee.

Location of venue, how to get there:

Magazzini del Cotone

Via Magazzini del Cotone 16128 Genova

Entrance: Module 8 Grounf Floor

Terroir Vino: June 13th 2011 – Module 8 Second Floor

Vinix Unplugged: June 12th – Module 8 Third Floor (under reservation)

Getting there, hotels, press accreditation, all other informations:


The Management of TerroirVino

Filippo Ronco

Exhibitor organization and registration (Mr. Filippo Ronco)

Web: http://www.terroirvino.it

E-mail: info@terroirvino.it

Cell. +39 347 211 94 50 Fax +39 06 233 220 684

International Contact (Mr. Mike Tommasi)

E-mail : mike@tommasi.org

Phone : +33 609 670 940


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