Mathematical formulas and Cecilia wine from Elba

After many decades of visiting the Isola d’Elba, just off the coast of Tuscany, Milanese engineer Giuseppe Camerini decided to cement his love for the beautiful land by creating Cecilia Vineyards along the Etruscan Coast wine route.

Camerini, passionate about math and science, applied his mechanical knowledge to wine-making, creating a customized temperature control system and special filters for his cellar, where wine is aged in small 225-liter barrels. Camerini’s penchant for numbers also extends to Cecelia’s graphic identity, based on the aperiodic set of tiles devised by renowned physicist Roger Penrose.

Founding Cecelia in 1990, Camerini now manages the entire activity together with his nephew, but still heads up the unique label design. Cecilia produces the most traditional wines that made Tuscany and Elba famous among aficionados, like the sweet Aleatico and Moscato wines, as well as the delicious Elba Bianco and Elba Rosso blends. The vineyard is open for visits and direct purchase of wines.

by Paolo Ferrarini for


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