A night at the museum – welcoming children in Barolo (Piemonte)

After the success of the first edition, the Museum of Barolo Wine is on Saturday June 25th inviting to their second edition of The Night at the Museum.

The museum is opening its doors to children who want to live the experience of spending one night at the museum. The entire castle is open this one night only for them.

At the first edition about 30 children were protagonists of a journey in discovery of the history of the wine museum and the genial works of François Confino in the company of professional guides and animators. At the end they have all slept together in the Temple of the Enoturist.

Children of ages between six and eleven will live an original and unique experience. The first one was such a success that the second edition had to follow, with a new program, new adventures and original proposals.

Program of the evening

Children will be welcomed before 9 p.m. in the didactic hall, close to the ticket office, where they will receive a badge with their own name. In this moment adventure starts which is including different activities, new games, regarding the last appointment. First a walk around the castle and between the old houses that are surrounding it – just to take confidence with this big and important building. Then the activities in the museum start. Walk with the battery lights with arrival to the history hall where a big comics illustration will introduce children to the history of wine: it will be a nice game to discover the most important personalities and moments in the history of wine.  After that children will go to the lower floors to really get to know the museum. First into the controlling room and then, with the guides, to all other spaces where children will listen to stories, play games, enjoy the didactic laboratories and get to know the secrets. At the end all children will end the night sleeping in their own sleeping bag.


Important information:

• for children of 6 to 11 years
• reservations before June 22nd
• event will happen if reached the required number of participants
• children should arrive to museum after they had dinner
• Cost: 60 eur for each child which includes the games and didactic activities of the evening,
sleeping in one of the museum halls, breakfast in the morning.

Every child should bring its own sleeping bag, the battery light and everything needed for the night (pajama, tooth-brush, toothpaste and other needed things). Children should be dressed casual, and should arrive full of curiosity and will to play and make new friendships.

Travel package

Together withe the initiative for the children it’s organized also a package for the families who come from more far away and can that way spend a weekend in Langhe.

For more informations about the family package: I Cannubi Tour Operator: tel. 0173.220943 oppure incoming@turismoinlanga.it

Info and reservations of The Night at the Museum:

WiMu – Museo del vino a Barolo
Tel 0173.386697
Mail: info@wimubarolo.it


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