Photo gallery: Zelen wines from Vipava in Ljubljana at JB Restaurant (with Janez Bratovž and Matej Tomažič)

The priest Matija Vertovec has written in his book about winemaking in 1844, that Zelen is a special variety with “specially noble soul”. We can talk about an aromatic variety with a nice bouquet in which we will find the frutiness of apple, pear. People from Vipava have called Zelen “the scent” because it fulfills the place where it’s drunk with it’s perfume.

Zelen is the excellent wine for this warm days and so it was a special pleasure  to organize the evening dedicated to Zelen, which was enriched with the delicious plates created by two great chefs:

guest from the Vipava valley Matej Tomažič
and the host Janez Bratovž,

who prepared some wonderful plates:

– Crystalized spring (Matej Tomažič)
– Snails wrapped in the Vipava bacon, with the nettle sauce (Janez Bratovž)
– Mlinci from Vipava valley in the sauce of the summer vegetables (Matej Tomažič)
– Sea with spring vegetables in the dashi soup (Janez Bratovž)
– Rooster’s breast with tomatoes and basil and with sauce of the green asparagus (Matej Tomažič)
– Hazelnut pockets with the black-tea cream (Janez Bratovž)

The stars of the evening were:

Zelen Potočnik 2010
Zelen Posestvo Burja 2010
Zelen Vidus 2010
Zelen Potočnik 2009
Zelen Pasji rep 2009
Zelen Pasji rep 1999 (polsladko)

The wonderful evening has gathered 60 guests and here are some highlights (all photos of the event by Nejc Pernek for Fotoatelje D)


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