Custom pizzas delivered right to you

With all the “design your own” stories we’ve written over the years, it hadn’t really occurred to us until just recently that pizza had never been among them. Then we came across Panamore and the situation was rectified. Sure enough, the German pizza maker allows customers to create and order the pizzas of their dreams online and then receive them by mail the next day.

Consumers begin by browsing through Panamore’s diverse assortment of toppings, descriptions of which include details on origins and also pairing recommendations. Meats, seafood, deli selections, gourmet cheeses and a variety of herbs, nuts and oils are available, including particularly intriguing options such as humus, lemongrass and truffle oil. A selection of recipes can also be consulted by those seeking inspiration. Either way, consumers can order up to four pizzas at a time and pay on the site. Pizzas are then created and packaged with professional cooling packs before being sent via DHL. Depending on their ingredients, Panamore’s pizzas can stay fresh in the refrigerator for up to 21 days. Special requests are accepted, and there’s also a service for restaurateurs.

Is the “design your own” universe now complete? We doubt it. No end in sight to consumers’ desire to have it their own way!




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