Nemo – Cassina Lighting presents recent re-editions of table lamps designed by the masters Le Corbusier and Man Ray, and by the iGuzzini brand

Nemo – Cassina Lighting’s newest products are actually three re-editions: a series of precious table lamps designed by the masters Le Corbusier and Man Ray, and by the iGuzzini brand. This luminous trio goes from an almost experimental language to decorative sophistication and Futurism.


Sorella – design: Harvey – iGuzzini

A re-edition of the Harvey iGuzzini model that became famous thanks to the television series “Space: 1999”, this true cult object has been revived by Nemo – Cassina Lighting in a version that is very faithful to the original. The matte white polycarbonate body – with sleek, fluid lines – holds a direct fluorescent light that enhances its cold, futuristic character.

Materials and finishes: matte white polycarbonate body. Measurements: H30 cm, depth 26 cm.

La Lune Sous Le Chapeau

La Lune Sous Le Chapeau  – design: Man Ray

Designed by Man Ray, presumably in the Thirties for his own desk and then industrialised in the Seventies, La Lune Sous Le Chapeau combines artistic research with mass production. Reissued by Nemo – Cassina Lighting, the table lamp is composed of a simple base with a metal rod holding the diffuser, whose translucent and tactile quality evokes the idea of paper. The diffuser can be positioned manually creating soft light towards the ceiling or direct light on the tabletop.

Materials: metal body painted grey. Diffuser in natural composite material. Measurements: H55 cm, diameter 25 cm.

La Lune Sous Le Chapeau

Escargot  –  design: Le Corbusier

This lamp revives the famous Escargot model designed by Le Corbusier in 1954. Nemo – Cassina Lighting is producing this table lamp in a limited edition, maintaining all of its stylistic essence and original allure. The model presents fluid lines recalling the shape of a snail, with a golden exterior
and a silvery interior. The etched brass-plated body conveys the idea of solidity and compactness, whereas its light creates an ethereal aura.

Materials and finishes: etched brass-plated body. Golden exterior, silver-plated interior. Measurements: diameter 43 cm, depth 52 cm



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