French wines travel in Louis Vuitton style

Chic travelers can now add another piece of carry-on to their luggage collection. They can jet-set and breathe a sigh of relief while traveling with their prized vintage French wines. Cordier Mestrezat Grands Crus, a French wine maker have taken to encasing their famous wines in a custom made Louis Vuitton carry-on. The luggage is capable of carrying four bottles of wines, all laid down securely in their compartments.

The Louis Vuitton wine case was introduced at Vinexpo, the world’s largest wine trade fair to mark the 125th anniversary celebration of the wine maker. Though price of this case was not specified, only three such cases will be made. In addition to the above the Cordier Mestrezat Grand Crus will offer a four box wine set which includes choices from their Epoque Collection, Club Elite, Grand Crus Classés of wines. The prices for these bottles start from €100 ($142) to €25,000 ($35,000).



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