Royal Salute’s Tribute to Honour: A bottle of scotch so expensive you’ll probably never taste it

Crafted by Royal Salute as a liquid homage to the oldest crown jewels in the British Isles—The Honours of Scotland—Tribute to Honour is a blend of some of Chivas Brothers‘ oldest and finest whiskey in an over-the-top package.

To create the Tribute, Master Blender Colin Scott selected a few casks of very well-aged whisky, all at least 45 years old. Individually, they’re probably among the best you’ll ever enjoy; blended, they achieve an even higher intensity.


A liquid this rare deserves more than a plastic flask, so they commissioned Garrard, “the world’s oldest jewelers,” to craft a bottle made from black porcelain, adorned with 413 flawless black and white diamonds, as well as 22 carats of other gemstones, set in gold and silver. (Pictured above, L-R: Colin Scott, Royal Salute Master Blender and Stephen Webster, Creative Director of Garrard)

Alas, luxury this rare—only 21 numbered bottles were created—comes at a price. The bottles run $200,000 a piece. Contact Giaia [dot] Rener [at] pernot-ricard [dot] com for more information.


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