Movia: Winery of the year 2011

At Wine & Spirits, they have selected Movia as a Winery of the Year.

Each year, their panels and critics blind taste more than 10,000 wines, selecting the best for recommendation in the magazine. Their Top 100 Wineries of the Year highlights brands with a range of wines their critics have scored at the top of their categories. They have agreed that Movia’s performance makes it a great ambassador for the wines of Slovenia.

Wine & Spirits will feature Movia as a Winery of the Year in our 2011 Annual Buying Guide (On sale mid-October). In addition, Vesna and Aleš Kristančič are invited to attend the Top 100 event in San Francisco on October 12, where the Wine & Spirits will honor all of their Wineries of the Year.

Congratulations to Movia!

Vesna and Aleš Kristančič (Photo by: Vladimir Miloradovic)

One Response to “Movia: Winery of the year 2011”
  1. Congratulations to them. Gets one thinking about passion in winemaking

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