Johnnie Walker limited edition bar by Porsche

Johnnie Walker limited edition bar

Johnnie Walker limited edition bar stocked with modified crystal glasses

Johnnie Walker is a brand that needs no introduction. It is the favorite among whiskey lovers. After introducing several limited edition Jonny Walker bottles, the company has now joined hands with Porsche Design Studio to produce an assortment of elite products in Johnnie Walker Blue Label Private Bar. The collection also consists of the chiller and the cube.The custom built bar is made of premium brushed titanium and leather and measures 220 cm high by 65 cm.

The specially made bar is stocked with modified crystal glasses, ice bowl, a water jug and two bottles with one magnum of Johnnie Walker Blue Label. It is also equipped with state-of-the-art motion sensors that turn on its opening sequence with an angle of 180 degrees so that three beautiful bottles and four crystal glasses can be displayed. The bar is delicately illuminated that makes it a visual treat and easy to use. The elegant bar is limited in number as only 10 such bars are produced by the company with a price tag of cool $156,000.

Other products of the collection are the chiller that houses a single bottle of JWBL in a stylish dark blue leather and brushed titanium case. The intricately designed chiller costs around $260. Apart from the chiller, the collection also has the cube that comes with separately numbered bottle of JWBL and is priced at $480.

Johnnie Walker limited edition bar

The chiller and the cube

The chiller and the cube will be available at Harvey Nichols, Royal Mile Whiskies, Harrods and Selfridges from October 2011. The Private bar has been made to exclusively deliver the orders from Harrods. The collection would be exclusively put on display by the Savoy and the Mandarin Oriental hotels in London. True whiskey connoisseur may also check out the list of limited edition Johnnie Walker bottles.



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