Duvel Collection Design Competition


As part of a new competition, Duvel invited graphic artists from around the world to customize beer goblets with their work. The winning entry will become part of the Duvel Collection and will be available through their shop for enthusiasts. Building on more than a century of brewing experience, the collaboration with contemporary graphic artists puts a modern veneer on a classic object.

Duvel, a long-time supporter of contemporary art museums, started the collection in an effort to bring the company’s interest in design to the forefront. The first came from Belgian artist Arne Quinze in 2007, after which the company enlisted artists Denis Meyers, Parra, and Eley Kishimoto. The next installment once again featured Quinze, along with Daan Stuyven and Stefan Glerum. Released this year, the current series sells from the Duvel shop.

Duvel4.jpg Duvel2.jpg Duvel3.jpg
Past designs have included a futurist-inspired banner complete with Dutch orange from Netherlands native Stefan Glerum, while Daan Stuyven opted for a selection of mug shot-style self-portraits around the glass, and Quinze, a conceptual artist known for massive linear structures, kept his design simple and abstract.

This year’s competition is open to artists from Belgium, The Netherlands, England and France. Interested parties can enter through The Studio and check out the Duvel Collection site to view past work. The winner’s glass will be added to the collection, and three people from each country will be chosen for the second-place prize, which includes a trip to Paris and 50 glasses of their own design. Third-place winners (10 per country) will receive six glasses with their design. Find out more by watching the video.

Source: http://www.coolhunting.com/


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