Interface by El Bulli

INTERFACE Bulli, is a project that began with the collaboration of Ikonic (Pere Gifre and Daniel Molina) and Ferran Adria with his restaurant elBulli. Initially the project was based on a charge of Ferran Adrià to design its new dishes, but then they realized that they can actually go further and the goal became to design new ways to serve food.

This new approach gives rise to a research and pioneering development in the area of industrial design and cuisine. Ferran Adrià in 2010 heralds the end of the world’s best restaurant El Bulli to make creative foundation of elBulli cuisine, INTERFACE BULLI becomes one of the R & D department that will support this new foundation.

Pere Gifre, industrial designer and conceptual artist born in Figueres in 1974, specializes in VFX design and development for sculpture, sceneography and architecture. Technological advances have enabled the materialization of formal complex ideas which before would have been impossible to accomp


03 elBulli Interface by El Bulli07 elBulli Interface by El Bulli11 elBulli Interface by El Bulli



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