Best olive oils of the world: Flos Olei 2012

New Flos Olei 2012 is published – a guide to the world best extra virgin olive oils is the first Guide dealing on an international scale with world extra virgin olive oils, strictly selected by a panel of expert tasters coordinated by Marco Oreggia, editor and publisher of the volume.

The Guide, written in two languages (Italian-English), consists of a presentation of the olive growing sector in 43 countries belonging to 5 continents and also contains a description of the Italian and Spanish regions, supplying historical and cultural information, production data, typical varieties and areas protected by names of origin. The detailed cartography includes both the best olive areas and the ones protected by names of origin. Moreover every farm is described in a card with notes about oil tasting and gastronomic matches. In the existing publishing industry the Guide aims at representing a new and stimulating product about the delicate sector of olive growing and is therefore written as an effective, modern and universal means of information. Thanks to the careful and quality work behind it the Guide will be a point of reference for all consumers interested in good food and for national and international workers of the sector.

Who were the best producers for 2012? Who was awarded with highest score?

  • 97

    • Canena, Castillo de [ES]
    • Galgón 99 [ES]
    • Montes Marín, Manuel [ES]
    • Subbética, Almazaras de la [ES]
    • Comincioli, Azienda Agricola [IT]
    • Cutrera, Frantoi [IT]
    • Franci, Frantoio [IT]
    • Il Fattore, Molino [IT]
    • Librandi, Azienda Agricola Pasquale [IT]
    • Pruneti, Azienda Agricola [IT]
    • Titone, Azienda Agricola Biologica [IT]
    • Viola, Azienda Agraria [IT]
    • Olivinvest [MA]
    • Morgenster Estate [ZA]
    • TerraMater [CL]
    • Valle Grande, Agricola [CL]
  • 96

    • Aroden [ES]
    • Iber, Hacienda [ES]
    • Marqués de Griñon, Pagos de Familia [ES]
    • CastelaS [FR]
    • Cetrone, Azienda Agricola Alfredo [IT]
    • Colonna, Marina [IT]
    • Disisa, Società Agricola [IT]
    • Madonna dell’Olivo [IT]
    • Planeta, Aziende Agricole [IT]
    • Quattrociocchi, Azienda Agricola Biologica Americo [IT]
    • San Cassiano, Azienda Agricola [IT]
    • Torretta [IT]
    • Ipša, Obitelj [HR]
    • Olea B. B. [HR]
  • 95

    • Potosi 10 [ES]
    • Queiles, Hacienda [ES]
    • Moulin des Ombres [FR]
    • Batta, Frantoio Giovanni [IT]
    • Ca’ Rainene, Azienda Agricola [IT]
    • Carmine, Azienda Agricola del [IT]
    • Colli Etruschi, Società Agricola [IT]
    • Gabrielloni, Frantoio Oleario [IT]
    • Gaudenzi, Frantoio [IT]
    • Mandranova, Azienda Agricola [IT]
    • Pennita, Tenuta [IT]
    • Pinna, Azienda Agricola Fratelli [IT]
    • Riva del Garda, Frantoio [IT]
    • Ruffino, Azienda Agricola Domenico [IT]
    • Terra di Brisighella [IT]
    • Zigante, O.P.G. Giancarlo [HR]
    • Olisur [CL]
    • Valle Quilimarí [CL]
    • Olium [AR]
  • 94

    • Aguilera, Rafael Alonso [ES]
    • Campoliva, Aceites [ES]
    • Bicheron, Alain [FR]
    • Salvator, Domaine [FR]
    • Ama, Castello di [IT]
    • Bonamini, Frantoio [IT]
    • Carraia, Azienda Agricola [IT]
    • Conte, Azienda Agricola Giorgio Pantaleo [IT]
    • De Carlo, Azienda Agricola [IT]
    • Decimi, Azienda Agricola [IT]
    • Gafà, Azienda Agricola Sergio [IT]
    • Giuliani, Azienda Agricola Marcella [IT]
    • Locci, Oleificio Francesco [IT]
    • Lombardo, Azienda Agricola [IT]
    • Miciolo – I Greppi di Silli, Azienda Agricola [IT]
    • Piscoianni, Azienda Agricola Tenuta [IT]
    • Ravida, Azienda Agricola [IT]
    • Rollo, Azienda Giorgio [IT]
    • Sarullo, Frantoio Oleario Gaspare [IT]
    • Dujc, Vanja [SI]
    • Belci, O.P.G. Matteo [HR]
    • Chiavalon, O.P.G. [HR]
    • Meneghetti, Stancija [HR]
    • Tonin [HR]
    • Vesuvio Estates [ZA]
    • Kyneton Olive Products [AU]
    • Apollo Olive Oil [US]
    • Zuccardi, Familia [AR]


List of the best 20:

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