Ferragamo’s image for Brunello 2011 awarded 4 stars

Sangiovese clusters and a bottle of Brunello made of petals with a delicate design of vine shoots and leaves. This is the very refined imaged wanted by Massimo Ferragamo Chairman at Ferragamo USA.

It is exhibited on the facade of the thirteenth century building that was the Montalcino town hall, continuing the calendar of tiles representing Brunello vintages which is enriched with every new vintage. The previous tiles were autographed by artists such as Sandro Chia, sport champions like Deborah Compagnoni, cartoonists such as Giannelli for the “Corriere della Sera” and Tadashi Agi Okimoto Shu of the Japanese cartoon strip Kamino Shizuku –The drops of God, stylists like Prada, Missoni , Cavalli, photographers like Oliviero Toscani … In other words great names for a great wine.

This year Massimo Ferragamo who at Castiglion del Bosco on the Montalcino hills has a splendid Resort with winery, wanted to use the image dedicated to Brunello also for a charity action. 6.000 T-shirt and 800 sweatshirts will help finance the acquisition of an ambulance for the Misericordia di Montalcino. A wonderful action which unites the wine to its territory and the solidarity towards those who suffer.

The T-shirts an d sweatshirts to collect money for the charity cost respectively 20 and 40 € and are beautiful. Buy them! You will have something unique to wear and to give as a gift.

An object which is practical, refined, unusual, and obviously of designer name, one of the most prestigious in Italy and dedicated to Brunello, the most loved Italian wine all over the world. How does one buy them? Come to Montalcino and you will find them at the Consorzio del Brunello.

The presentation of the celebration tile for the 2011 vintage and of the T-shirts with the same design took place two days ago in the Teatro degli Astrusi in Montalcino in the presence of Giovanna Ferragamo who together with the President of the Consorzio Ezio Rivella launched the charity action in favour of the Misericordia di Montalcino.

The Confraternita della Misericordia was born in medieval times (first traces date back to 1244) with solidarity as a main goal. From then it has never stopped operating emerging especially in disastrous events. In Montalcino it was founded in 1846 from the 14th century Compagnia di Maria Santissima della Pace. Today it is made up of 80 voluntary workers who, every day of the year, at any time of day operate in assisting the ill and those in difficulty.

By Donatella Cinelli Colombini


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