Art, culture, safeguarding the territory … and wine

3rd March 2012 in Oltrepò Pavese, an event which combines the discovery of traditions with the needs of a region which Gianni Brera defined as “A land shaped like a bunch of grapes “

The event on 3rd March will be full of information and will be held at “La Colombina”, a historical farmhouse dating back to 1820 which has recently been restored by the Doria family of the long-standing “I Doria di Montalto”. This event will unite 10 wine producers and will also celebrate the new FAI Delegation in Oltrepò Pavese, which will have as its headquarters the eno-cultural center of the same company I Doria di Montalto.

Daniele Manini, Wine Cellar Master, is a promoter of the revival and continuity of the tradition of the Doria Vineyard. It was with his work that the “historical” Barbera was made, aged in Italian chestnut barrels. He coined the phrase “vine-grape-wine chain”.

The eagerly awaited New FAI headquaters in Oltrepo’ Pavese will have Carlo Bassani as the Head of Delegation, who, in addition to illustrating the splendid art heritage in Lombardy protected by the Foundation, said in a brief interview: “In addition to creating complete monitoring of the territory, FAI has the advantage of helping the public to rediscover their territory, training them to research and promote beauty, and instilling love for a land where their children will live and grow. It is not just about territorial marketing, but, above all, the collective growth of a community respect, beauty and history ”

The event also features the presentation of a brand new Anglo / Italian website WORLD WINE PASSION, built around wine, food, producers, territory … This site will talk about history and the people that have played a part in it, wine which has become culture, its ability to excite and to recall a memory. Wine, which means being carefree in thoughts, words and actions because, like nature, it imposes its rhythm and its laws which teach you to accept life like seasons, the rapid change of time as scenery.

The evening / event, in the presence of friends and wine experts, will conclude with a tasting dinner at the “La Colombina” Farmhouse:
An important and significant presence will be that of oenologist Mario Maffi.


FAI headquarters for Oltrepò Pavese
Località “La Colombina”, 1
Montalto Pavese, (PV)

Azienda Agricola I Doria di Montalto
Località Casa Tacconi, 3
Montalto Pavese

World Wine Passion

by Cristina Vannuzzi


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