Vinitaly 2012: more then 140.000 operators from 120 countries in four days

Vinitaly won its gamble and earned the satisfaction of exhibitors, with an increase of professional visitors from abroad and especially from the Italian horeca (hotel/restaurant/catering) channel.  The latter segment attended in large numbers already on Monday and there was extremely impressive participation by restaurateurs/caterers, owners of wine stores and wine bars from Southern Italy. The new formula over 4 days, from Sunday to Wednesday, proved to be highly successful and attendance on stands by international operators was also very evident, “with a major return by the United States and Canada,” said Ettore Riello, President of VeronaFiere, “as well as all emerging consumer countries in Asia with China joining our top 10, Russia, Northern Europe and France, not to mention a massive turn out from Germany, for a total of well over 140,000 visitors from 120 countries. The percentage of international visitors improved yet again to 35% of total”.

“This success was based on great work which equally saw with Opera Wine an extraordinary tribute to Italian wine by Wine Spectator, while for the first time Vinitaly hosted an exhibition dedicated to natural wines with Vivit. And all in all we managed to achieve our target of a significant increase in specialist attendance, in particular by the Italian and international horeca channel. I think that this was absolutely one of the best editions of Vinitaly ever,” said Giovanni Mantovani, CEO & Director General of VeronaFiere.

“This was a Vinitaly for exports,” said Lamberto Vallarino Gancia, President of Federvini.

“We are all very satisfied with the new formula for Vinitaly,” said Lucio Mastroberardino, President of the Italian Wine Union,” which ensured yet another improvement in the quality of attendance. As regards international buyers and operators, we had the impression of further growth with broad and widespread attendance of optimal quality.”

“The summing up is very positive,” said dice Domenico Zonin, “with a good flow of visitors as early as Sunday,” while Piero Antinori said “this Vinitaly achieved quantitative and especially qualitative attendance and this is very interesting for us”.

“The greatest Vinitaly ever,” for Andrea Sartori, while for Mauro Lunelli of Ferrari “the change of days proved to be ideal for operators”. “An outstanding change,” enthused Michele Chiarlo, “with extraordinary American, Russian, Asian and even South American attendance”.

“This formula works,” confirmed Valentina Argiolas, “with many operators from Asia and the return of India, and even Old Europe turned in a fine performance”.

“We saw significant, qualified and diversified attendance from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, India, South America and the United States,” added José Rallo of Donnafugata; “as well as from Italy,” said Anna Abbona of Marchesi di Barolo, “with many representatives of the horeca segment from regions in the South”.

Vinitaly focused precisely on the horeca channel in reviewing its formula and growth by this segment among the stands at Vinitaly encourages hopes for a recovery on the domestic market because, as Chiarlo pointed out “we also need contacts with the people who propose our wines to final consumers”.

“A lovely Vinitaly, with a great many contacts even on Sunday and the key day on Monday,” said Donatella Cinelli Colombini, a winner of this year’s Vinitaly International Award.

Success also for Vivit, the new exhibition dedicated to natural wines. “The expectations of producers taking part were confirmed,” said Helena Variara of Colombaia, “with excellent numbers even of journalists, restaurateurs/caterers and the general public, who were all very interested.”

“I went to see Vivit,” says Antinori, “and I was astonished by such considerable public interest, an evident sign of the sensitivity of consumers.”

Vinitaly is not only wines but also Grappa & C. Tasting, the tasting event dedicated to grappas, bitters and liqueurs developed in collaboration with the Tasters Study Centre that posted huge success with 5,500 tastings.

There was also important confirmation for media attendance from over 45 countries (with the USA, Germany and Russia in the forefront), with more than 2,500 accredited journalists representing over 170 radio and TV stations, 105 newspapers and 110 online publications.

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