April event: The Čotar Experience – a traditional wines journey

“A rocky limestone plateau between the Vipava River Valley and the Bay of Trieste. Similar landforms around the world are called karst, named after Slovenia’s Karst region. The landscape is rocky and wild, but for those of us who live here, cultivated and domestic. Here is where the sun dwells. From the north the fierce Bora wind blows down to the sea. Here oaks grow among the boulders, and dogwood, smoke tree, winter savory, and wild rose. And, growing in the unique red earth-terra rossa-the grapevine.
Our family’s farm and vineyards, cellar, and house are located in the western portion of the Karst, in the village of Gorjansko, only about 5 km distant from the sea. Despite a family tradition, the present-day farm was created out of nothing. More than 30 years ago, more specifically in 1974, we produced the first wine for our own restaurant. Teran and Karst table white. Later on we decided that we had too much of each. We continued catering, but to groups by reservation only, and devoted ourselves exclusively to the production of wine. We bottled wine for the first time in 1990 (vintage 1988). Wine-making and cellarage today are passing into the hands of the next generation; the wine is still produced using the same methods as our ancestors,” is presenting the family winery Vasja Čotar.

On 21st April you’re warmly welcome to join us at Slovenian Karst where we will visit the Čotar winery known for their excellent wines made by traditional methods with no aditives. We will get to know how traditional wine is made.

Our adventure will start with a welcome with prosciutto, Zidarich cheese and wine tasting in the wine cellar, it will continue with a walk to the vineyards and will reach its highlight with the 5 courses dinner accompanied with the excellent Čotar wines (star of the night will be Terra Rossa 1997). You will be aware of their quality even more the day after when you will wake up with a perfectly clear head.

Price: 55,00 eur includes all food and all wines.

Transport: There will be transport available from Ljubljana to Čotar winery and back. Price of the bus is not included in price of the dinner.

Reservations are obligatory: andreja.lajh.cdc@gmail.com



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