It’s time for KODA386

Sanja Grcić and her fashion

KODA386 is not your every day shop. KODA386 stands for design of its own. KODA386 stands for unique identity. KODA386 stands for a concept that will change the way you see fashion.

In time for quality design, cosmopolitan fashion and free spirit. In time for unique garments, entirely “made in Slovenia”. Why not just call it time for pioneers in promoting the alternative, or time for unique selection? It’s time to stand out, time for exactly what you have been looking for.

The shop on Tavčarjeva 4 in the center of Ljubljana, Slovenia, featured brands, Firma by Sanja, m*faganel and Nina Šušnjara, all represent various stories that blend into the same aesthetic landscape. Three established and recognized designers created common creative space that became home for fashion that starts with +386, dialing code for Slovenia.
KODA386 stands for signature fashion, thought-out identity and high quality. It is a collective space, a gallery for a 21st century woman – a mother, a daughter, successful career woman, a lady in an evening gown, self-confident individual with all her personalities. A place for she who wishes to dress for 24/7.

By Matevž Faganel

Designers Sanja Grcić, Matevž Faganel and Nina Šušnjara say their shop represents a “place for creative design solutions and a residential space for hosting selected brands from home and abroad”.

They will welcome their visitors in a minimalistic, yet intimately warm ambient in the center of Slovenian capital city, offering them contemporary collections as well as unique show pieces and custom-made garments at an affordable price. In search for something extra? KODA386 will pamper their visitors with personal advice from designers themselves.

Koda 386, Tavčarjeva 4, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

By Nina Šušnjara


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