Wild gourmet evening at Pavus

Marko Pavčnik, chef of the restaurant Pavus from the castle of Laško, had a great idea. He decided to organize an wild gourmet evening – a dinner created from the wild ingredients he will find around his location in forrests, fields, rivers … plants, mushrooms, the wild …

The creations of the chef will be accompanied by the wines of two “wild” winemakers. Natural wines will be offered by Aci Urbajs and Janko Štekar.

The diner will take place on Thursday, May 17th at 19.00 at restaurant Pavus in Laško.

More about the evening: http://www.pavus.si/sl//novice/divji-kulinaricni-vecer/

Price of the dinner with wines. 48,00 eur

Reservations are obligatory: +386 51 614 664 or +386 3  62 00 723

That’s for sure an evening you shouldn’t miss so check as soon as possible if there is any place left.


About Aci Urbajs and his wines: http://www.slovenia.info/en/ostali-ponudniki/Biološko-dinamično-vinogradništvo-Urbajs-ACI

About Janko Štekar and his wines: http://www.kmetijastekar.si/


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