Snail Caviar

Dominique Pierru, the genius behind Snail Caviar, spent three years perfecting his creation, after abandoning his career in the kitchen. He had to find a way to “convince” his 180,000 snails to lay a large enough quantity of eggs, then soften and condition them. It was a tough-enough task, but now his De Jaeger caviar is one of the most coveted treats in French restaurants.

Each snail lays once a year a few hundred eggs about 4 grams. Patience is required to gather the clutches one by one, then after a thorough cleansing, manual sorting is performed to keep only quality eggs. To produce a kilogram of snail caviar, we need about 260 carefully selected layings. Then comes the passage in the laboratory for the development of the recipe. Snail caviar Jaeger is prepared in a brine of sea salt flower, a little rosemary and a touch of citric acid. The exclusive preparation process can provide a snail caviar both a tender bite and a fresh sensation worthy of exceptional meals. It is packaged and prepared in the laboratory to CE standards ensuring complete traceability.

The sensations in the mouth of a ballad in the forest after the rain, mushroom flavor, undergrowth oak leaf aroma of peat moss moist. The appearance of snail caviar, grain shape, subtle flavor, soft and lingering will enable you to new creations.

The packaging in metal cans, vacuum and protected from light (semi-preserved + / – 4), provides safety to preserve the flavors of snail eggs. The weights are available: 50, 125, 250, 500, 1000 grams.


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