Heston Blumenthal’s Like a Kid in a Sweetshop

Those lucky enough to be looking forward to a visit to Heston Blumenthal’s world-famous Fat Duck restaurant will now, approximately one  month before their booking, be offered access to an online location for an exclusive anticipatory experience…

The project, based on Blumenthal’s brief that the experience should evoke a kind of “kid in a sweetshop” joy, has actually been in development for four years, but is now finally finished and takes the form of a four minute animation and a binaural experience that lasts a further 3-5 minutes.

While the only way to enjoy the full anticipatory experience is to actually book a meal at The Fat Duck, The Neighbourhood in Manchester (which has been working on the project for four years) has made a making-of film that showcases clips from the animation and explains how the piece functions.

Blumenthal tells Eat Out Magazine, “The Fat Duck is the type of restaurant you may only ever eat in once and I wanted to create that almost childlike feeling of anticipation beforehand.” To that end, diners can only watch the animation three times (artificial scarcity!); use them wisely.

Have a look at the video: http://vimeo.com/theneighbourhood/sweetshop


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