Hel Yes – combining gastronomy, design and dance

HEL YES! Stockholm was an experimental social gathering in February this year that combined gastronomy, design and dance. Restaurateur Antto Melasniemi together with artist Klaus Haapaniemi and designer Mia Wallenius planned HEL YES! events in London and Helsinki last year and the year before drawing in full crowds.

HEL YES! project explores the spiritual powers of the design collective, as well as the influence of nature and cosmic energy on the design process and food culture. The dinner guests will enjoy an experimental, expressive and heartfelt experience – and they will also be able to actively influence the happening.

The acclaimed choreographer Kenneth Kvarnström and the Helsinki City Theatre dance group Helsinki Dance Company have also joined the event. Artist Maria Duncker brought her Bone Orchestra with its uncanny instruments to the old curch. The menu offered by HEL YES! had its roots in Karelian tradition. Both vegetarian and vegan menus were also available.

The menu was conceived by food visionary Antto Melasniemi whose restaurants Kuurna and Ateljé Finne have established their position as the most interesting restaurants in Helsinki.

Source: http://psssst.net/


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